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"The Walking Dead" (on AMC)

Marilyn and I are in the middle of watching the AMC TV series "The Walking Dead," which they say is based on the comic book series (!!!). I didn't realize that! I figured it was based on the original movie "Night of the Living Dead," from 1968. (And there have been many other Living Dead movies, too...)

The Walking Dead

Speaking of that movie, Marilyn and I saw it in a theater downtown at some 'anniversary' showing (don't recall the year) -- and we met the actor Russell Streiner, who played Johnny. He was a very STRANGE guy.

Anyway, we watched this last week and have decided we're going to continue watching it. Believe me, it's hard to sit through (!!!) and very intense. But it's also well made and fascinating...

Photo share!

The Walking Dead - poster
Poster: "The Walking Dead" (Rick rides a horse...)

The Walking Dead - Rick
Rick (you've got to love this man)

The Walking Dead
Glenn is a cool guy!

The Walking Dead
The 'walkers' are very, very CREEPY!

By the way, YES, I did come close to throwing up during this episode of the series... (yikes)

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