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A Poll -- My LJ Style

Okay, then, LJ friends! I decided to do a little Poll about my new LJ style...

First of all, many thanks to those people who answered and offered some helpful suggestions! They are: Jim just_jimbo, Katie katiefoolery and Becky beckyo. I love you guys. (smile)

I ended up using and tweaking the S2 style 'Flexible Squares.' It actually allows for a stylesheet (!!!) to give me even greater control over the display. If I can figure out how to implement a stylesheet with the existing style, that is! (grin)

I couldn't go to be last night until I had my journal to a place where I could at least stand to look at it. (smile)

So, if you have a second, take my very, very, very short (two question) poll -- will you?

Poll #551411 New Journal Style

The overall appearance...

is easy to read.
is hard on the eyes.
has pleasant colors.
seems simple, yet functional.
bores me to death.
includes a fun background (go Anakin!).

For those rare occasions when I go to Charlie's actual LJ...

I really liked the old (previous) version.
I think this new view is just fine.
I really like the new style!
I think you need to reconsider this style, Charlie.
Gray is good. (You like gray, don't you, Charlie?)
Black text on a light background? Thank God! I can actually read it.
Dump this.
Keep this.

Which makes me realize that I know little or nothing about making a poll. Didn't... one of my friends did a poll not that long ago, but I've forgotten who! (Sorry.) But I thought you could put more explanation text into it... (sigh)

Well, thanks!

I'm going to look over the tutorial for S1 that Katie katiefoolery sent me. (It's always an option, after all!)
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