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Wednesday. Blah.

Spoke very briefly to Sister Sue who said she felt better and was going to cribbage tonight and her tournament this weekend (leaving tomorrow). I'd figured she might be sick enough not to do either, so that shows what I know...

Plus I guess Nicole wasn't as sick as I thought, either, as she went back to school today. Sue said she wasn't running a fever, so back she went. She was on heavy-duty meds, so apparently those worked for her.


I'm not dying, but I feel crummy. Bad enough to not really be hungry. (I guess that's a good thing.) I slept most of the day. And watched some TV when not asleep. I tried to read at one point, but just didn't feel like it.

I've got work that I MUST get to. Carol contacted me today by email about website budget things she needs for TOMORROW (Friday). I'll have to talk those over with Marilyn tonight, I guess. Not that there's much 'tonight' left, as it's now heading toward 11:00 p.m. (sigh)

Rosanna was NOT able to do the hardware setup for the new check scanner without me, so she sent me an email today to let me know. I'll have to help with that when I'm in there next.

(I suppose I should plan to go to work tomorrow, no matter how I feel.)

Speaking of budgets -- which are due tomorrow -- Marilyn, Kris and I have never met yet about the 2011 IT Budget. Nor has Kris sent me ANYTHING in writing about his thoughts. This is his first year to help with the budget, so I'm pretty sure he hasn't got a clue. Like most IT people of his level, he's not great at putting things down in writing, which is fine. (You can't be good at everything, after all.) I guess this goes along with being able to ever be at a scheduled meeting on time (something that drives me nuts, but whatever). I used to get very upset with Kent about this, but Kris appears to be just as bad (totally forgetting meetings altogether). I need to keep trying to reason out a way to get him to show up on days we've agreed to meet, at a time at least close to what we've agreed on...

Clearly the IT Budget will NOT be ready for tomorrow, as we can't merely roll over the 2010 budget for 2011. We might need a new Server this year, which is not a small expense. Oh well.

Right now I need to do a re-write to a set of instructions on how to Remote Desktop to the office, then send a copy via email to Christie. When we had MACs able to do this (for a very short period), she did it that way, but she's now got access to a PC at home and needs to learn it that way.

The Remote Desktop issue? You can't do it with Internet Explorer 8.

Yeah, I do get that Remote Desktop is a Microsoft thing -- and IE8 is a Microsoft product. So I'm well aware this makes no sense at all. And, yeah, I've HEARD from people that this issue has been fixed -- but if it has, I've still yet to see it work with IE8. Some fix.

This means removing/uninstalling IE8 and then finding a copy of IE7 to install (you can't find it at the Microsoft website, believe me). Or using an IE clone browser (like Deepnet Explorer) in place of IE.

Hey, Microsoft? Way to make my life easier! Thanks! (This almost temps me to use my 'I HATE Microsoft' icon for this post, by the way...)

My stupid browser (sorry, Firefox -- you're really not stupid) just CRASHED, but happily LiveJournal saved a copy of almost this entire entry! I was stunned when it happened, as Firefox rarely ever crashes on me. By the way, that's been one of my tasks at the office -- making Firefox the default browser on every computer and adding the WOT plugin. Part of our goal to help people NOT go to bad/dangerous websites, if at all possible. I'm around halfway done with this project now. (sigh)

(I needed a new IT project, because I don't have a long enough list driving me nuts...)

Well, considering I have WORK to do before bed, I guess I'd better go. I hope all my friends are doing well! (Keeping you all in my prayers. It makes me feel good when I stop to think of each of you as I pray, by the way... It both warms and calms me.)

I'll sure be glad when all the leaves are down and gone. Oh! And Portlanders are going to be CHARGED (I think it's $30) for leaf removal this year (!!!). You have to PROVE that you take care of your own leaves, or this is automatic! People are going to be so angry about this one... (We have a yard service, so hopefully we can get something from them to prove the City doesn't do anything for us. I mean $30 is $30...)

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