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Wednesday. Not a Loss By a Long Shot...

Even though I feel crummy, I got a lot done today!

I did a load of dishes and picked up the kitchen, took down the Halloween decorations outside and inside, did the garbage and recycling and worked on the festival website. Plus I answered a bunch of work-related emails, spoke to Kris about both work and our home computers, talked to Qwest, spoke to Donn about our new computers and had several other phone calls.

I did talk to sister Sue, who is quite sick (cold? flu?). She said she felt fine while at our house on Halloween, but when she got home she suddenly felt awful. Her granddaughter Nicole (daughter Candy and granddaughter Nicole live with Sue) is also very sick. She has an enlarged spleen, so they tested her for mono (thankfully negative). It was Nicole's first-ever blood test, and she has this thing about blood, so when they had to stick her several times, she fainted dead away.

I can relate on more than one level. I, too, have 'bad' veins, so they have a hard time getting blood from me. (True of Sue, Marilyn, me, Candy and now Nicole. They had to take mine on the back of my hand last time!) Plus I've always been a fainter. I used to faint all the time at both the doctor and dentist -- and fainted many, many times at school, too (along with other locations). Poor Nicole. I wouldn't wish either on her...

I was barely hungry today, so didn't really eat until Marilyn got home from work. She brought home some garlic mashed potatoes, so we had those. And today is National Sandwich Day, so we had roast beef spread sandwiches (made with buns). Dinner was yummy! Yes, we had salad, too, but I didn't have enough appetite for it. I'll have it later (or tomorrow).

I'm continuing to read "White Smoke: A Novel of Papal Election," by Andrew M. Greeley. But I have to admit the going is slow. Whenever I start to read, I seem to fall asleep almost immediately... It's fascinating, though. Good characters (Greeley always has them) and an interesting tale. He gets a good mix of reality in his fiction that gives readers an insider's view of the world. I just love it!

I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow, but I might not make it if I don't feel better... (sigh) Well, the good thing is that I can get loads done right here at home!

Sister Sue and I had originally hoped to go to Costco today. I need a bunch of stuff! But maybe we'll make it next week...

It's around 8:00 p.m. and I'm thinking about a nap. I did have one late this afternoon, but I really feel like I could sleep right now. (yawn)

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