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Books, TV and a Lazy Saturday! (A Note on Firefox...)

Before I forget (!!!), Firefox users should be upgrading to the latest version Firefox 3.6.12 (it seems as if the changes are security-related, so don't delay in the upgrade).

Marilyn and I have been watching some classic movies on TCM recently (including today). We just saw (the original) "13 Ghosts," "Homicidal" and "Mr. Sardonicus" (gotta love William Castle)! (I missed "The Old Dark House," another fave -- darn it!)

These are the sort of Halloween-type movies I enjoy -- along with the classic Hammer films. Well, and other classic horror movies. Our dad was a huge horror fan and brought us up on such movies. (Not sure how Dad felt about the Hammer stuff, though, now that I think of it...) Mom was NOT fan, and couldn't stand to be in the room even for the most tame offering.

I mentioned I got a new book yesterday. Actually, I recently got two new books! So far I've just started to read them, but am enjoying both.

The first is "Eric Meyer on CSS" -- which is by no means new (having been published in 2002). But it's a book I've always wanted, and finally got around to buying. (I just was never ready to spend $45 for it...)

Eric Meyer on CSS

The second is "White Smoke: A Novel of Papal Election," by Andrew M. Greeley (whom everyone knows is one of my favorite authors). As I started reading this novel, I was pondering why I feel delighted the minute I crack one of his works of fiction... His style is so comfortable and familiar and pleasing -- it just draws the reader in. I feel as if I know his world and his characters. (I'm not as engaged by his non-fiction, I'm afraid -- though I find it interesting to read.)

White Smoke: A Novel of Papal Election

I got both books used through Amazon.Com, which is where I get many of my books -- and at very reasonable prices, too!

Aside from watching old movies on TV and reading, we've been playing Zuma (as always) and just goofing off. We're both thinking about naps (and I slept in, mind you), which sounds pretty nice. (grin) Oh! And we've been eating a bunch of the leftovers from our potluck! Those yummy hot dogs, baked beans (Marilyn did them so great this time!!!) and Sue B.'s salad (!!!).

We need to run to the store later on, but no rush. We can always go to Walmart to get Halloween candy...

Sister Sue is at a cribbage tournament this weekend, but should be back in time to come over tomorrow night.

Reading and napping -- here I come! Happy Saturday, everyone!

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