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The Annual Board Meeting? Over. (Thankfully.) On to the Potluck!!!

The annual Board Meeting (the biggest meeting of the year) is over. We have a new President, a new festival theme and new Team pins. All good things.

Anyway, it's over. I congratulate Marilyn on getting so much of the work done -- I don't know what the festival would do without her. I think most of the Board gets that -- and some of the Staff does, too. At least, I certainly hope so.

Hey, let's see someone else try to do the script, write all the speeches, set the timeline, create the PowerPoint and make sure the voting is compliant to the Bylaws (that SHE does the work on). And I'm probably forgetting more aspects, because there are so many, frankly.

I helped VERY LITTLE with the meeting -- and it bugs me that I got credit for HER WORK on the PowerPoint. (All I did was make the background slide she used -- and help with one rather clever effect she wanted to create. Otherwise it was ALL Marilyn.) People can't get it out of their heads that I must be doing it. Never underestimate Marilyn, people! Never. She's a MASTER with PowerPoints!

We got home from the meeting by 9:00, and immediately starting cooking for tomorrow's potluck. She fixed the hot dogs (cut them, slathered them with the 'sauce' and then coated them with cornflake crumbs), while I boiled 1 1/2 dozen eggs. Then we both baked the hot dogs and she made her baked beans. I just finally made my chicken casserole, which is now cooking. In the morning I'll finish up the deviled eggs -- then we'll haul it all in to the office for the potluck!

We also have cute little plastic pumpkins with candy inside -- and some additional candy as treats. Plus some baby tacos and stuffed pepper snacks. So it's a LOT to get from here to there! (And we need paper towels at the office, so we'll take those in, too.)

We actually had FOOD at the Board Meeting -- thanks to Sue and Dennis (Sue's our new President). These two people are generous to a fault! I can't even say how many times Sue brings food for meetings. And she's always bringing candy to the office. It's just incredible. We haven't had a budget for food for ages now, so without someone like Sue, we'd have to do without. It's just so much nicer to have it -- and makes the social part of the evening much more lovely...

I got MANY hugs and greetings from the Board -- I've known some of these people for more than a decade. (And there are some I've known for several decades.) They're wonderful people and I'm so glad I know them.

Marilyn's feelings got hurt tonight -- and as we discussed it driving home I found myself crying. Nothing makes me feel worse than when she's hurt. It shouldn't have happened, and I feel both angry and upset about it. But that's life, I guess. I don't know that she can ever be totally appreciated for her hard work, dedication, passion, generosity and expertise. I'm very proud to be her sister, I can tell you that.

And after a HARD week of preparation for this meeting (and dealing with me being sick here at home), she comes home and helps me cook until all hours! (And today was HARD for her, believe me.) Yeah, there's a reason she has that Wonder Woman tee...

When I finally got to the office today, I had a bunch of stuff to get done. Mark was there (I love that guy) -- and he's coming for the potluck tomorrow! As is Kris (who is even COOKING for it). I did a number of IT tasks (what's new???) before going over to the meeting.

I don't feel great, but I guess I could feel worse. Right now I just feel run down and a bit blue. Things weren't as I expected tonight. But I was glad for Carol's hubby Brian (Volunteer of the Year) -- and our Directors of the Year, too!

Angel was a big help -- taking photos with my spare camera. I love that guy!

And Sue said good things about Marilyn, which makes me happy! Sue and Marilyn are a good team...

Jeff's wife had her surgery today -- and it didn't go as expected. Actually, it sounds like it was very much like my surgery, back in 2003. I'll pray for her tonight (and Jeff, too -- it's hard on the loved-one, too, after all).

Time for bed. I'm beat -- and my sore throat and headache are getting to me...

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