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Sick -- But NOT in Bed...

Feeling like crap? Yeah. (This is TMI, but I've even had the runs today... sigh...) Like crap, get it? (heh)

So I had to make the 'new' sick icon. I call it: sick - NOT in bed. (smile) I'm so often not down in bed when I'm sick that I decided I needed it.

Today was a major errand day. I do have the garbage and recycling done. Thanks to sister Sue, I went to the bank, the post office and grocery shopping. We also had a quick lunch, but I got sick after. I phoned Sue (at cribbage, no less) to see if she got sick, too. But she didn't, so it's cool that Marilyn ate lunch leftovers tonight. (All Marilyn had to eat all day was candy, I guess. She had a super-busy and stressful day, so I'm not surprised she didn't get anything but one bathroom break all day.)

I did fix a quick dinner, so we noshed on some snack-type foods (baby tacos and so on). What I'm supposed to be doing right now is coloring my hair. I'm going to do it shortly, but I'm dreading it. I'd like to be lying down, but this matters, so...

I also need to boil the eggs. Maybe this can wait until tomorrow night (???). I guess we'll see how I feel after doing my hair.

As I've mentioned before, tomorrow is our annual Board Meeting -- which is a very big deal. I'm excited to see who the Volunteer of the Year is (I nominated someone special, so I hope he gets it). And to see who the Directors of the Year are, too. I'm looking forward to the PowerPoint Marilyn created (I got to help a tiny bit -- and make a cool effect), and to hearing Robert speak as he ends his two-year term as President. And I'm looking forward to Sue's big moment as she becomes our new President. There are other cool things that will happen, too. We'll get our new Team pins and so on.

The focus tomorrow will be on the Board Meeting, even though I've got Kris coming in early in the day. Hopefully things won't run too late -- and I'll manage to feel halfway decent during the this busy day.

Then Friday we'll have our Halloween potluck (and attend in costume). I'm cooking quite a bit for that -- and looking forward to it! We're supposed to close the office early, but I guess I'll believe it when I see it... (smile)

Marilyn and I had been planning to attend a high school alumni event later on Friday, but I doubt we'll do that. Being home sounds pretty GOOD to me!

I've been creating a bunch of Halloween icons. I suppose I should share some, in case my friends would like any (???)... I've been bad at posting icons this year. (sigh) I still LOVE to make them, but never seem to find time to share.

Well, it's LATE, so I need to get to my other tasks. I should be thinking about what I'm wearing to work tomorrow (???), making sure I've got my laptop packed up (we need it tomorrow) and so on. Busy and important day comin'!

I got some photos ready to share, but haven't uploaded them, yet. But I'll try and do that soon! I took pictures of my space at work and would love to post them here...

I wish I didn't feel so lousy. Oh well! Two days away from the weekend -- I can't wait!

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