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Sick in Bed -- But Cleaned House, Too...

Yeah, I spent most of the day sick in bed. I'm trying NOT to get really bad before Thursday and our annual Board Meeting (the big one of the year), or Friday and our Halloween potluck with the Staff.

So I did hike up the heat a bit, but go back to bed after my morning meds (and a breakfast of a donut). The cats stayed right with me, by the way!

In the afternoon I forced myself to get up and pick up the clutter in the living room (there was quite a bit, I'm afraid). Then I chased cobwebs and vacuumed (LOVING the new vacuum, by the way!!!). I also picked up in the kitchen and did a load of dishes. And scrubbed the toilet in my bathroom. Amanda came tonight for Marilyn's massage therapy (which she really needed), so I didn't want the place to be a mess.

And I'm hoping to decorate a little for Halloween this week, too!

After that I went right back to bed and was sound asleep when Marilyn phoned on her way home after 6:00. I spent some time with her when she got home, but when Amanda got here I went downstairs with the cats and ended up in bed again. I did nosh on some crackers and cheese first, while watching "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on TV. (smile)

Marilyn DVR-ed the "Glee" version (!!!), so we'll watch it together later...

I fell sound asleep again, not waking until Marilyn came to 'check on' the cats and after her massage. Then we had dinner -- yummy leftovers of acorn (Danish) squash, stuffed with roast beef hash (cooked with sliced green beans mixed in) and cottage cheese. It's a fave of ours in autumn and winter. It's pretty easy to make, and I usually make enough so we can eat it two nights...

Anyway, my sore throat is still nasty (!!!), so I think I'm going back to bed. I didn't get out of the house at all today, even though sister Sue was totally willing to come by to help me run errands. Hopefully tomorrow, though! I need to get to the post office, the grocery store (food for the potluck) and the bank. We'd both love to go to Costco, too. I wonder if there's time???

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