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Rain, Rain... We're at the Office and it's RAINING!

First off, my entry from yesterday (which is HERE) didn't post right (???). I come here to post and I'm looking at my Calendar and it looks like there's no entry at all. So then I go to my Journal view, and I see it there -- but I realize it's locked as a Private post. (???)

Yeah, I used to do that all the time. Why? Because I'd so often use coding that I wanted to 'check' the entry before making it Live for others to read. (I never used Preview much -- but then it didn't use to work at all for me...)

Then when my sister Sue got a blog here and started reading my entries, I changed my default from Private back to Public. Why? Because she tracks my entries -- and if you don't post something Public, then it won't track (send her an email telling her I've updated my blog). Actually, if you're someone who prefers people don't track you, then you can first post something Private -- and turn around and change it to Public... (Just sayin'...)

Now I've made yesterday's entry Public -- and it also shows in the Calendar. The weird thing? It SHOULD show in the Calendar even if it is Private. So go figure...

On to new subjects!

I 'found' a bunch of my 'missing' HTML/XML/CSS books that I'd been hunting for at home. I kind of thought they might be here at the office, and indeed they were! I've bagged most of them up to take home, as I rarely use them here -- and I'd probably use them often at home. I recall at one point I hauled them in here. And I used to read them a lot in the old building. I had a big stack right on my desk. After we moved to the Interim office, I didn't have room for them, so they were boxed up. Then when we came here, I put them in the IT cabinet. If they're not right in sight, I guess I don't even think about them. Honestly, I didn't even remember they were there! When I got here I was looking at my desk for them.

It's raining out. Surprise! I can see rain all over the window here at my desk. I don't think I've ever shared photos of my new desk in this office (???), but it's really nice. I really love my area, which is upstairs (the only one that is) and right by the IT Room. There's a second Conference Room up here, our library/archives, a storage closet, the mechanical room (off the IT Room), my desk and a table with the Graphics Computer (in the IT Room). I have a large IT cabinet for additional storage -- because the current IT Room is probably 1/3 the size of the old one. I keep the IT Room and cabinet EXTREMELY well-organized -- which is two-fold: I want things to LOOK nice, and I want to be able to easily find what I need! (That's my goal for the entire OFFICE, for that matter.)

Where did the time go to? It's now after 10:00 p.m., if you can believe that!

Okay, I'm trying to ignore my sore throat and headache. Thankfully Marilyn got me Starbucks on the way here -- isn't she just the best?

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