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It's been CREEPY around here, with Marilyn at the office and the STORM raging on and off all day long! It seems even worse now that it's dark and stormy (!!!), with the lights flickering constantly. Please. I do NOT want to lose electricity!!!

And I've made it worse, watching back-to-back episodes of Ghost Adventures (on the Travel Channel). The ep at Bob Mackey's was sooooo creepy! That place is EVIL.

I like the "Ghost Adventures" crew (Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin). By the way, that Zak is ripped. Not quite Jacob Black, but whew... (grin)

I don't like Marilyn being at the office all alone in this weather. She could lose power and be stuck in the building with no power! That might not sound bad, but it's the ONLY building there in the park -- and the area attracts some unsavory types after dark, I'm afraid...

I should have FORCED her to take me with her (!!!). And I'm wishing I wasn't alone here, either, come to think of it. At least I have flash lights (and know where there are more, if I need 'em). In fact, I have a tiny one (on a keychain) in my pocket, just in case!

Well, I have the cats for company, which is more than Marilyn has. Lucky me. Poor Marilyn!

I never did mention the stray cat I've been feeding on and off (when it shows up, that is). Poor thing. It's afraid of me, so I can't really get near it... I stuck a box with a blanket on the porch for it, if it wants to get inside. It did at one point, but I don't know where it's gone to now.

I think I'll call Marilyn and see how things are going!

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