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CSS -- Still Coding!


I'm still coding away. (smile)

I've been practising what I've learned reading this book, written by author Dan Shafer (an interesting man), titled: HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS

(And, yes, I do want the the latest edition of the book -- assuming Shafer is still involved with the project! I can really follow what he's said in the above-named book, so I don't want to swap to a different author at this point. I just have to decide if I'm going to go out and buy it -- or send away for it.)

HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS

It seems like all old friend, as I pack it around the house and many other places I go. (smile) I just look for that distinctive orange, white and navy cover!

I'm just starting to put all the reading to practical use, anyway. After numerous (and I mean!) attempts, I came up with a rather cool design. I think it's very cool that you can achieve that effect simply by using CSS. I remember when I wanted to use images and rollovers -- which is a ton more work.

For the record, this displays quite differently in Internet Explorer (and clones, like Deepnet) than it does in Firefox. I don't know why all the various browsers can't get their acts together and make sure CSS will work as it should when applied to them! That's outrageous, as far as I'm concerned...

So -- why CSS sans tables???

You may well be asking why I'm so crazy for the idea of code that minimizes the use of tables. I think that's a very valid question! Why bother to re-code an entire website, for example?

Well, tables take a long time to load (just as images do). No-table (or minimum table) coding is just as 'lean and mean' as it's touted to be! It's amazing how fast it loads.

And when you look at a page that contains nested tables (tables inside tables inside tables), the code is a real mess to view! If you should happen to need to make changes, it's a real bear. (shudder)

But when the styling is done in a style sheet, using CSS, then the actual HTML coded pages are very easy to view -- and edit.

Plus, say I want to suddenly change all the colors of my site -- or the fonts, or whatever. Then I just open the one style sheet and do exactly that! I don't need to go to every page and recode.

What a deal!

Hey, you can tell by looking at that sample that I'm not really going for anything all that fancy here. The coding is very basic, as is the page design. I don't need anything too fancy, as it's really all about the fic at our website...

Still, it looks better than the current version...

I have several tweaks to apply before I'm ready to re-code the full website. But I'm pretty close, I think. And I'm delighted at the thought that it will all be done without using tables at all! That's nothing short of incredible, in my book.

CSS, I love you! Now if I can only learn more about the ins and outs...

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