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Redundant: I Hate Microsoft

So I'm on my computer with only my email and Firefox open (for a change). Yeah, normally I have eight or more things open -- and more than one browser, with several tabs open. That's how I am, and I doubt it's going to change. But, hey, it's called WINDOWS for a reason, right?

Suddenly my computer reboots for no good reason. (yikes)

When it finally starts up again, I get the following message:

Microsoft Windows: The system has recovered from a serious error

Thanks, Microsoft. That tells me a lot!

Most users would be quivering in their shoes, which I suspect is EXACTLY what the asses at Microsoft were hoping when they came up with that wording.

I Google it (screw Bing, Microsoft -- it sucks) and get several interesting answers. The most likely issue? I had just allowed Microsoft to download an update, which was ready to be installed. I halted the installation right before the reboot...

In other words, the 'crash' was probably caused by Microsoft in the first place.

Okay, there are other things that may have happened, but I find the timing somewhat enlightening.

And Microsoft wonders why people are so reluctant to install their updates... I wonder why? (heh)

Okay, there's no point in repeating that I hate Microsoft, is there? (smile)

Tags: 2010, computer, microsoft, microsoft-hate, october-2010

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