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Tuesday at Work -- And an Amazing Movie!

Busy day at the office -- lots of IT work and some website and miscellany. I had lunch with a depressed friend who must be medicated beyond belief. We sat at lunch just eating. She barely said a word. The only actual talking we did (which was still limited, at best) was while sitting at my desk and walking to and from lunch... (I could say more about this, but there's little point in dwelling on it. This friend has always had issues, but it's far worse now. In speaking of it with a co-worker, I reminded myself how blessed we are. Not that I ever take that for granted!)

It was a beautiful, sunny day, by the way. I took a coat along, but left it behind while walking to lunch -- I totally didn't need it.

When we got home from work (around 6:45), Marilyn and I watched the 1959 movie "Middle of the Night," with the incredible Fredric March as 56-year-old Jerry Kingsley and Kim Novak as 24-year-old Betty Preisser. The film, written by Paddy Chayefsky, focuses on the two falling in love -- and facing all the problems of two people who are so far apart in age.

We were both convinced they'd never end up together, but the end of the movie seemed to indicate they would. Fredric March was AMAZING. There aren't words for what a great job he did. But Kim Novak was almost as good. Anyway, well worth seeing. (I was surprised to see some reviews for the movie that were less than stellar, but I totally disagree with them. This had an entire cast that was impressive, a tight script, good acting and good direction, too.) I'm not surprised it was considered

Marilyn and I love discovering films like this that we've never seen before. Cable TV is wonderful, there's no doubt about it.

I have a huge 'To Do' list that I need to tackle at work, but I think I'll still spend my normal Wednesday-in-bed tomorrow, even so. Walking outside today almost KILLED my allergies, so I'm not ready to take any chances!

I did feel like I got a LOT done today (woo hoo), so it was a good start to the work week. Staff meeting was PACKED today -- we could barely fit around the table!

Rosanna is loving her duel monitor setup (I think I'll try and do that for Marilyn, too). I helped the new guy Chris set up his laptop for using Remote Desktop, and will hopefully do that for Christie on Thursday, as well. I also helped Chris to import his contacts into Outlook.

In general good news for Staff, Ashley and her hubby might be buying a house (!!!), and Laura got to move into her new cube today. (I finished getting her cube ready for her last Friday, so I'm really delighted about that.) Jeff and his wife and kids are headed to Hawaii tomorrow morning. And Rosanna made her trip to Forks, Washington last Saturday.

I have some work-related things I need to do tonight, but right now I'm thinking about a nap, big time. It was a very busy day, and I'm beat...

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