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LJ Styles. Just... Ugh!

I can't for the life of me find an S2 Style that I like...

I'm not too unhappy with the current one I'm using, but I'd love to be able to change those default link colors. They just suck. Ugh.

I'd really love to learn more about all this so I could just come up with a style of my own that I could stand. One of the reasons I haven't been 'around' much lately is that even trying to read my journal in the style I had previously tended to make my head swim. (Vertigo coming on? Thanks so much, blog of mine! LOL.)

Ah, well...

I can live with this for now, I guess. Or maybe go back to S1 again. (What did I use before? Generator? I seem to recall liking it okay, anyway.)

Tags: livejournal-style, s2

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