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Yesterday's Beach Trip -- Photo Share!

Yesterday afternoon, Marilyn and I headed to Seaside, Oregon (you'll recall I mentioned HERE that we slept all morning) for an impromptu beach trip. (woo hoo)

Anyway, I have photos to share below.

First, here are photos of the 'cat art' that I HERE (the day after the 2010 Auction).

This was the art piece that Marilyn bought me in 2009 (done by the same artist who did our cat dishes -- wish I knew her name!). It was given to me during a Writing Circle meeting (mentioned HERE) as my reward for getting an honorable mention in a writing contest (my work was title "Get a Cat").

2009 auction - cat art

I was surprised I never got a photo of it last year so I could share here. I have it right near my computer in my home office so I can see it every day. (smile)

The piece from this year is another piece in what must have been a set -- so I'm really delighted that I was able to get it! Here are both, side by side.

2009 and 2010 auction - cat art both

On to the photo share for our beach trip!

We decided to have Fultano's Pizza at the place right next door to the Fascination parlor -- something we've never done before. They have GREAT pizza, by the way. We got personal size. Marilyn had a taco pizza and I had pepperoni with black olives. And we each had a glass of beer and really enjoyed it! It was a great meal.

2010 October beach trip 1 - pizza

2010 October beach trip 2 - Marilyn

2010 October beach trip 3 - Charlie

After that we bought game cards and played a bunch of games -- also lots of fun! The game cards are a good idea. You load them, then all you have to do is swipe them for any game you want to play. Much easier than messing with coins and bills.

Finally, we walked down to the turnaround (just above the beach) and watched the sunset. It was chilly, but so lovely!!!

2010 October beach trip 4

2010 October beach trip 5

2010 October beach trip 6

2010 October beach trip 7

2010 October beach trip 8

2010 October beach trip 9 - Marilyn

2010 October beach trip 10 - Marilyn

2010 October beach trip 11 - Marilyn

2010 October beach trip 12

After that we looked for some place to get ice cream, but couldn't find what we wanted. So we headed home, greatly enjoying the drive. (We did eventually get cones at McDonalds, a yummy treat. Yeah, we both love McDonalds. So sue us.)

Today? This was another very lazy day. I think the only thing I actually got done was washing my hair for work tomorrow. Otherwise I took it easy, played games, read and napped. My allergies are MURDER, but I'm still not all-out sick, happily. Keep your fingers crossed for me, as I was feeling lousy this morning and was sure I was getting sick. (sigh)

Back to work tomorrow. We should know the final numbers for the 2010 Auction tomorrow, hopefully...

Oh! And I'm having lunch with friend Shari, who is coming down to the office to meet me tomorrow around noon. I'm NOT looking forward to walking out somewhere (allergies, allergies), but she's been depressed -- so hopefully I can find out why and try to cheer her up.

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