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A 'Typical' Wednesday With My Seasonal Allergies... (ugh)

I'm pouring sweat and feeling pretty puny right now, but the garbage and recycling is DONE for another week!

I also hand-washed some large dishes and did a load of dishes -- besides picking up the kitchen a tiny bit more. (It could use even more, believe it or not, but whatever.) I want to cook dinner again tonight, so I needed things out of my way.

It's a lovely, sunny and warm day here in Portland, Oregon. I just saw the temperature at 71°. (This is supposedly the last day we'll have with temps more than 70°...) I'd enjoy it more if not for my darn seasonal allergies, of course. Just going out the door kills me. (sigh)

So, I thought I'd try and describe what my Wednesdays are like right now, dealing with my allergies. I find it a bit interesting, to tell you the truth...

Current Typical Wednesday

I get up and check my blood count, then take my meds. I force myself to eat something (because I shouldn't take the meds and not eat). (I also do the bathroom thing, including brushing my teeth and running a brush through my hair. But I don't get dressed.) Usually I go and check my email (both at home and work -- logging in Remotely). If I have anything really pressing (or something quick), then I answer it.

Next I take a Meclizine -- and it makes me sleepy almost immediately. (Under half an hour, tops, for sure.) If I haven't fed and watered the cats, I'd do that now. Even if I have, I check to be sure they have plenty. I grab a portable phone and take it with me (there's no phone in the bedroom). I head back to bed, usually with a fresh bottle of water and a book.

Normally when I lie down to take a nap, I can read several pages (or much more). After taking Meclizine, I'm lucky to last a couple of paragraphs. This morning I think I read a couple sentences. Then I turn over and go to sleep. It's like passing out.

Today I think I went to bed around 10:00 a.m. (Keep in mind that I didn't get up until long after Marilyn had gone to work. I think I woke around nine-ish. So I wasn't up all that long.) I didn't wake again until noon, really thirsty and needing to pee. I sleep so hard that I'm always stiff and sore. I don't think I shift around at all. (Happily, I do usually dream -- and often I have really good dreams. So that's nice!)

Sometimes I get up briefly if I wake up (aside from the bathroom), but today I just went right back to sleep. I could barely force myself to the bathroom and back, actually.

Some days I do eat 'lunch' (which happens whenever I'm awake in the afternoon) -- but today I didn't. (No appetite at all.)

Then today I slept until around 2:00. I was drifting in and out of sleep, but didn't get up until around 2:45. I checked my email and answered a few and took a phone call from a friend (that I kept short). I decided to force myself to get up and do the garbage and recycling and a few other minor tasks. Now it's 4:00 and I'm going to lie down again.

I'm hoping I'll wake up around 5:30 so I can cook dinner. I have something in mind that I'd like to make, so we'll see...

As you can tell, I sleep away much of the day. I find it annoying, but so far it's helped me keep from getting out and out sick, as I usually do this time of year!

I've tried to explain the situation with people (such as those I work with), without making a big deal out of it. I do my best, but there's really nothing much aside from the Meclizine that helps.

I'm mostly a prisoner right now, trying to stay in the house (or the office when I'm here) -- and not go outside. Even going out on the porch to bring in the mail can murder sometimes. And it would take ages to describe all the ways my allergies affect me, so I won't bother.

Time to head back to bed (for now)...

And, really, this ISN'T a big deal -- it's just how it goes for me right now. I'm still happy and feel blessed and love my home, my job and my life. So no need to feel sorry for me...

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