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Tuesday, Tuesday. (Like My Monday in Many Ways...)

I stayed home today, knowing I'll be at the office on Thursday -- and at the Auction on Friday. The goal is still to get me through this week without getting sick (fingers crossed), if at all possible. So far, so good (barely).

I did have plenty of work to do today, though. I ended up doing some IT projects, along with the website work I knew I'd be tackling. I also picked up the kitchen, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and colored my hair. And I cooked dinner, too (stuffed acorn squash that was delicious).

You'll recall I mentioned my manicure and pedicure yesterday, so I'm sharing photos today! These didn't turn out as well as I might have wished. Partly because it's hard to take photos of your own hand and foot (smile) -- but mostly because the glittery gold manicure reflected the light of the flash (even with the flash off) so much that it doesn't really look the way it would if you were just looking at my hands. Oh well. You do get the basic idea!

Plus I frequently do my toes with gold polish, a fave choice for me. But this time around I added a glittery top coat.

All in all, very pretty!

Manicure for 2010 Auction

Manicure for 2010 Auction

Manicure for 2010 Auction

Pedicure for 2010 Auction

No doubt I'll be sick of the fingernails soon. I was already struck by how odd my hands looked today while doing some random things (!!!), so I can just imagine what I'll think in a few weeks!

I'm still glad I got them done that way, though. They're just PERFECT for our Vegas-themed event! And Marilyn just said she thinks they're awesome.

I'm yawning like mad, as it's past 10:00 and I really need a nap. I had the runs again (!!!) today, and I've got a backache (probably related to that). I took meds and kept on going, because I didn't have time to screw off today. I might rest tomorrow, though. We'll see how it goes...

I LOVED this news back at the end of August: Trapped miners to set up make-shift chapel to pray for rescue.

And I do believe the POWER of PRAYER helped rescue these men much earlier than they originally believed would happen. Both their own prayers -- and all our prayers for them.

Marilyn didn't get home until 8:00 p.m. tonight -- but she got the Auction scripts done! (woo hoo) She had another super-busy day, but was cheerful when she got home. (She has a killer day tomorrow, too. But she's always up to the challenge!)

Wow, I need sleep bad. I'm sneezing like mad, so I guess I'll take some meds and crash now. This has been a long day...

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