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Accomplished Today? Nothin'...

What did I get done today?

Not a darn thing.

I woke up feeling mildly crummy, and later on I had a nap because I was so tired. Tired??? From what? It's just the whole seasonal allergies thing, kicking my ass. All I want to do is nothing at all...

Both Colin and Henry had a nap with me, which was so sweet! A boy on either side. Colin was so snuggled against me I could barely move!

Current reading? A manual on CSS (which I'd love to understand better), a couple of various prayer books, a couple of Andrew M. Greeley non-fictions (one on Jesus that's really interesting) and a couple of of his novels -- plus an article in the most recent "National Geographic" magazine: "Being Jane Goodall" (which is really interesting).

I've watched some TV, including "The Defiant Ones" -- a really fascinating Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier film.

Marilyn and I ordered a DVD of "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" via Amazon.Com. (Have I said lately how much I love Amazon?) For those who have never said the movie, it's perfect for Halloween, a charming comedy set in a haunted house and featuring Don Knotts. If you've never seen, I highly recommend it -- nothing heavy, just a good time! I really hope it gets delivered before Halloween!

I've got my head going round and round with some CSS code I'm trying to reason out, so that's what I'm going to do after I finish this entry.

Oh, and if you've heard of Klout.Com (which I refuse to link here because of my personal poor impression of the service), let me just say this: Whatever. It sounds like a GREAT idea, but that's in theory, only. My score? Originally pretty low when I entered my Twitter account, I figured it would go up when I added Facebook. Of course, I was HIGHLY ANNOYED there was no place to put my LiveJournal blog (???), considering how often I blog (daily) and how many hits my blog gets on a regular basis. Can you say 'Not impressed with the scoring method?' (heh)

Oh, and I was pretty burned I was being scored on having no Mentions at Twitter, considering my Mentions 'disappeared' there (I've reported it, for all the good it did) when the 'New' Twitter was put in place. (Don't even ASK me what I think of the 'New' Twitter, please!)

I guess Klout thinks I have no clout online, but you know what? I think they're wrong. So they can take the service and put it where the sun don't shine. I'll just continue to use my personal influence without 'em. You know, the clout I don't have according to them. (smile) So, anyway, I'm probably going to delete my worthless account there... (They should get some betas, or something... Or some advice, anyway!)

And that's it for this fine Sunday!

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