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Allergies Are Nuts Today -- I Wonder Why? (Not.)

Marilyn reminded me this morning that I needed to get the outdoor cushions and umbrella in today. We're expecting RAIN any time now -- then it's going to rain for days... (Maybe forever. Who knows?)

I brushed the cushions off, which were covered with leaves and some small amount of muck (???) and with POLLEN (yellow crap that comes down here). Can you say allergy attack? Then I had to go in the garage and re-arrange stuff. I'd moved things to make room for the new (and much larger car) -- and now had no place to put the cushions away for winter! So I had to mess around in there for ages.

Finally I got the cushions stored, then I took down the umbrella (not as easy as it sounds) and took it inside. I had to find a place to put it where the car wouldn't accidentally 'bump' it and maybe bend it (!!!), which I finally managed to do.

After that I took 'blue,' knowing I couldn't take Meclizine and stay awake. I planned to take it later though, then doze away...

Finally I began work on a 'quickie' version of the eNewsletter. It should have gone in September, but things have been busy, so it didn't. (I don't remember the last time the Communications Team has had a meeting...) Anyway, I planned to build it somewhat from the one that went last year, thinking that would make it easier.

I made a banner that I thought turned out pretty nice. Then I started gacking elements from last year and gacking info from the website and piecing it all together -- along with some images. (I even made my OWN animated rose bar, that sparkles! It turned out nice.)

When I had it done, I sent it to Carol and Marilyn. Carol came back with a bunch of changes (surprise), so I had to go back to the drawing board. I refused, however, to mess with the header banner, which is time-consuming. Heck, nobody else even seemed to want to do an eNewsletter, so I was sort of in the 'whatever' mode, I must admit.

I finally got it done and then coded out the text-only version -- and logged in at our email blast service to send it out. It went right before 4:00 p.m. (yikes). So much for simple. But I have only myself to blame, after all! I could have skipped this entirely and no one would have cared...

In the afternoon I finally did take a Meclizine, so I was nodding off while I finished up. I'm now going to lie down and nap. I think I've earned it today. (grin)

Of course, my day is NOTHING to what Marilyn's dealing with, poor thing! I wouldn't want to be her, dealing with scripting and so many other things. She just never fails to amaze me, I have to say. I wonder how late she'll have to work?

She has her hair appointment tomorrow -- and I hope to get my own hair colored (finally). I did force myself to wash my hair last night before bed, and it was nice to have it CLEAN! (I really was sweating into my hair yesterday, I have to tell you.)

We also need to shop for clothes for the Auction, get manicures and pedicures and go shopping for the stuff we didn't manage to get at WalMart when we went last night. There was some other errand we need to do, but I can't recall it right now.

And if there are mistakes all over in this entry, I'm sorry. That's what being doped up on allergy medication gets you!

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