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Super-BUSY Day. I'm Done. Stick a Fork in Me.

We started out day early (only Laura was there when we got in). And ended it late (surprise). And just before we left I ran to the bathroom, because I'd only had time to go once all day long...

Yeah, it was BUSY as hell.

But I got sooooooo much done! Can you say productive? Double it. Or even triple it! Plus there were many gratifying moments where I realized just how much people value and appreciate me and my work. How can you beat a day like that?

Yes, Marilyn and I work hard -- there's no doubt about it. But we're so blessed! We do work we love. We work with people we like and love. What we do matters to hundreds of thousands of people (maybe even millions of people). Our 'product' reaches around the world! Yesterday I mentioned a video being played in China that featured Marilyn. We're constantly contacted by other countries about our festival. Our award-winning festival, I should say.

I never really discussed the Pinnacle Awards for this year, but I'm very proud to mention that Marilyn and I got an award for our PowerPoint presentation created for the Auction last year (the one that was played many times, including at City Hall). And my eNewsletter took Silver this year. That means I've won awards for it for three years in a row (Gold, Bronze and now Silver). I'm going to be passing it on to someone else for 2011, but I can do so knowing that I created a top-quality eNewsletter. I'm very proud of what I accomplished.

Marilyn's entry for the Youth Silent Film Festival took a Gold for Best New Event. Of course, she's won SO MANY awards (and so many Golds) over the years. Beyond counting...

In all we won 15 awards, so we were pleased. We also want to win MORE, of course (smile), but we win a ton compared to many other festivals. We're just so competitive!

I did the graphic element for Rich, Mark and Ross to go in the Auction video for this year. It wasn't all that much, but the guys seemed pleased enough with it. (Gertrude, I'm sure you're delighted I keep managing to put my artistic skills to good use! The eNewsletter, the website and now this... Gertrude was my high school art teacher, who passed away in 1998...)

Carol's move went really well -- and didn't take all that long. Kris got the computer for our new guy set up and his phone set up (with my help). I cleaned up his office and have it almost 100% ready for him (I need to do a little tweaking next Tuesday). He'll start on Wednesday, but I won't be in to meet with him until Thursday.

Kris and I got a lot of things checked off our IT Projects list! And Mark GAVE Rich a laptop that used to belong to his dad -- and as Rich had no computer at home, this was big. I spent some time setting it up so he could try using Remote Desktop tonight. I'll add some more software and so on next week. I'm so excited for Rich -- and grateful to the ever-generous Mark!

I was literally running from one spot to another all day. And up and down the stairs over and over and over again. My allergies continue to kick my butt, but I'm hanging in there and working hard, regardless.

Directly after work, Marilyn and I forced ourselves to go shopping (!!!). We ended up with two carts full of stuff. Groceries, some clothes -- and a bunch of stuff we're donating to the Auction. I was dragging by the time we finally got it all home and unpacked.

Dinner? We each took a bun, tore it open and put a slice of cheese inside (no mayo or anything else). That was dinner. Plus Marilyn and I each drank a Chelada, which we love. We figured we'd earned it... (grin)

Now I'm blogging, before crashing. I can't wait to sleep. I've been yawning for hours.

I did get festival jackets (the 2010 version) for both Mark and Ross today -- can gave them to them as we were leaving. They've earned 'em! (I also managed to find one in the right size for sister Sue, too -- so I think she'll be pleased! Originally I thought we were entirely out of her size, so I was pretty bummed.)

I'm sure that isn't everything from today, but it pretty much covers it. I'm home tomorrow. I have website stuff to do, and might do a final eNewsletter before I bid that task farewell... I'll miss it, but it is a ton of work, so whatever. (And I've won awards, so I already know exactly how well I did with it. So I guess it's time...)

I might do another meclizine and sleep day -- trying hard not to get sick before the Auction. I'm fighting sore throats, congestion, headaches, earaches and so on (itching and whatever). So it might be a good idea.

I need to wash my hair. I'm trying to talk myself into doing that now, before I go to bed. I just don't know if I have the energy for it...

Goodnight, all!

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