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Current Routine for Wednesdays -- Meclizine Rules Me

Yesterday was very busy, as I noted in my Tuesday entry. What killed me, allergy-wise? I think two things: Taking photos of the sign installation (one) and walking to lunch and back. Being outside is hard right now, because whatever seasonal thing I'm allergic to seems to 'attack' me. Rotting leaves? Mold? Autumn pollen? I've no clue. (No, I can't afford to be tested, and my insurance doesn't cover it. So whatever. I'm not sure that knowing the cause would help, anyway.)

So now on Wednesdays I take Meclizine and I sleep -- because that's what happens when you take the medication.

Actually, I slept in to begin with, as I'd taken a different med during the night and I never heard the alarm clock, nor Marilyn getting ready and leaving for work! When I finally woke just past 9:00 a.m., I had both cats sleeping on either side of my feet! The were lying with their faces only inches apart -- so it seems like their very friendly these days.

I did manage to sit up at the computer quite a bit this morning so I could do some work, but before noon I was done in. I dozed at first, then slept heavily. Late in the afternoon (around 4:00, I think) I got up and did the cat boxes and some recycling. Marilyn and I opened a huge box last night, and I needed the garage floor empty of the car to finish cutting it up (which I did). I didn't do the actual garbage gathering yet, but I can get to it later...

Marilyn was home from work around 6:30, and we had leftovers for dinner and watched "Jeopardy." Now we're going to take naps, as we MUST go shopping tonight, like it or not.

We've put off the shopping day after day, being simply too tired to face it. But we're out of milk, cheese, bread, butter, pop, canned goods, cat food and on and on -- so we're to the point of no return! It's one thing for us to run out of food, but you MUST feed your cats, after all! (smile)

We'll head to WalMart, which is open all night -- allowing us to shop whenever we please, happily! (I'll still need to get to Freddies for kitty litter and a few other things they don't carry at WalMart, but that's okay.)

My hopes of going to Costco with sister Sue on Friday were dashed today. She's baby-sitting her grandkids, instead. (It was her idea to go Friday, so I was surprised, but whatever. She originally suggested both Wednesday -- today -- and Friday, so maybe she actually preferred to go today. I'm not sorry I took my medicine today, though, so that's the way it goes...)

Maybe Marilyn and I can get to Costco over the weekend. I do need a TON of things, and hate to put it off! Especially knowing that next week -- prior to the Auction -- will be a busy one.

I had a BAD sore throat and earache this morning. And still feel congested now. I had a headache in the afternoon, as well. I'm not quite out-and-out sick yet, and I'm hoping not to go there. So far, so good, in spite of some misery. If I can hang in there this month, I'm usually better in November... Damn allergies, anyway!

I use a service called Social Mention which allows you to track keywords posted to various forms of social media, such as to blogs, Facebook and on and on. I track the festival mentions via this service, so it's very handy! Today there's a YouTube featuring Marilyn. On the first day of the festival this year she was interviewed for some time by a woman from China -- so the content is all in Chinese, except for when Marilyn talks! It has Chinese subtitles for the entire thing, which I find interesting. There are several parts, and in one of these, sister Sue us visible sitting in the Memorial Coliseum watching the Coronation! I was so excited when I saw her in it! (Interestingly enough, the woman who interviewed Marilyn was in the office yesterday. What a small world...)

I try to never forget that our festival has an international impact -- but it's actually easy to remember. I felt excited when they mentioned the website address during one of the YouTube vids. It's really wonderful to work on things that are so important to so many people around the world.

I love my job.

Well, time for a nap -- even if I did sleep a ton today. Then we'll go shopping (hopefully!!!).

Tomorrow? I have a very busy day in front of me. Wish me luck! (I hope I'm feeling decent tomorrow, because this work MUST be done, whether I feel crappy or not.)

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