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Long Day. I'm Tired.

Today was a very long, very busy day. And I admit it -- I'm tired tonight.

I'd planned to have a nap while Marilyn got her massage therapy from Amanda (it's been a month since she last had it -- and did she ever need it). But I was was too sore and wound up to fall asleep, so I gave that up.

Today I finished cleaning out the cube that used to belong to Peter -- and where we'll be moving Carol on Thursday. It meant lifting and packing a bunch of heavy stuff, of course -- and crawling under the desk to move the computer elements, etc. Happily the spot is now 100% cleared out and ready for the move! (woo hoo)

We had Staff meeting and discussed many up-coming projects. I have a large list of things I need to do. First thing today they came to install the sign (which is cool) that makes our building officially 'The Home of the Rose' (or as we call it, the Rose Building). Calvin was the installer, and I got tons of photos of him and Jeff near the sign. It's really very cool!

I had a bunch of IT to tackle, as well -- which required me to move around several computer towers.

I also worked on the festival website, had a meeting with the interactive map guy, contacted Kris by both phone and email, did a long list of IT Projects that need to get done and more.

Rich and I went to lunch with Jeff -- which we both won for one of those sports pools that Jeff does. We went to a Sports Bar and only talked sports the entire time.

That map I mentioned will be another VERY COOL addition to our website! I can't wait to get a contract and proceed with negotiations to set it up. (The meeting was supposed to only go half an hour, but was more than an hour long. I was very impressed, I have to tell you!)

I also met with Rich about the Auction video. I'm going to be doing some graphics for it, apparently, so I need to wrap my head around that right away.

I couldn't do the Court change for the website -- I'll need more info before I can proceed with it. This is probably happening at least a month earlier than last year, for the record...

Well, I just went hunting for some info in my blog from 2009 and wasted around half an hour. So I'm quitting this entry for tonight and heading to bed. I'm dead beat!

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