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Email Forwards -- What Do You Think?

I get many of these from my older sister and certain friends. The best ones are generally intentionally humorous. The worst?

Well, some of them that I believe are well-meaning on the part of the person who originates them wouldn't be too bad -- if they knew when to quit.

Less is more.

It's a lesson I could stand to learn, actually! (smile)

Make a point (or even 20) and then quit. And quit on a high note, if possible.

Please don't THREATEN me with some dire if I don't send the email along to others.

Please don't tell me that something great will happen if I immediately forward the email to 10 people.

A couple of pictures included are fine. But know when too many is too many.

I've decided I'd rather get those anonymous Viagra posts than a bunch of supposedly-harmless forwards from friends... (sigh)

My next-door-neighbor and close friend sent me one of these today. (Actually, she sent me several of these, but one had a 'return receipt' attached -- so I took it more seriously than the others.)

The end was the usual threat-cum-promise. It was one of those if-you-care-about-me-you'll-send-this-back forwards.

The subject line was: Let's See if You Read Your Mail

Hm. Obviously my neighbor wanted a response. But I wasn't about to forward that on to anyone -- unless I made a few changes.

Even though I had better things to do, I took time to sit and edit the forward. I added what I thought was a humorous section that explained that I didn't care if the people I sent it to wanted to simply delete it -- I'd still value them as friends. (Yes, it was that type of email.)

My friend found my response offensive and let me know in no uncertain terms: "I promise I will no longer forward to you any more of these annoying messages."


I was stunned. I made a joke and she got upset.

I wrote her a large (and probably too wordy) apology, but couldn't help noting that it wasn't as if she had personally penned the original missive.

Do people really get so invested in those things that making fun of one is like making fun of the person who has forwarded it along to you???

Okay, I'll simply have to say I find that both sad and pathetic.

But I've found before that people are generally ready to assume the worst and jump to conclusions we never intended.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised it can happen in RL (real life). It happens in fandom (and other internet interactions) quite often...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I end up quite surprised by such reactions. I guess because overall out intent toward others isn't a snarky or unkind one! There's no way I'd intentionally say things to hurt my friend, or try to make a joke if I'd thought it was at her expense.

Maybe it does come from inside a person. If your natural tendency is to believe the worst of others and the world, I suppose it's easy to think the other guy must have those same feelings -- meaning insincere motives...

I hope my friend and I can make this up without too much drama and upset. I feel bad and I've apologized. I'm not sure what else I can do.

But I'll never send one of those damned things back to anyone again -- that's for sure!


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