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Another Happy Autumn Day...

First off, I'm not sure what the heck (???) is going on here at LiveJournal, but I wish they'd get it FIXED (pretty please). It's next to IMPOSSIBLE to do a damn thing!

Marilyn and I spent another quiet day at home, though she did work on cleaning her bathroom today (for which I commend her). Mostly we watched movies on TV, played computer games and relaxed.

I'm worried about Marilyn's feet -- but I think it's going to take a doctor to figure out what's going on there. It's not new, but it's pretty bad right now. I'm praying about it, as she certainly doesn't need this health issue to deal with...

Happily, Henry (our cat) is now healthier than I ever remember seeing him! Those pills have cleared away his congestion that he's ALWAYS had his entire life -- along with the ever-constant black around both his eyes and nostrils. There's no sign of ear mites, his odd kicking is gone -- and he's so strong and HAPPY! He's back to rope-a-doping (Henry personal sex habit, that involves dragging his personal rope around the house in a certain way) -- and doing it more than once a day, too!

Both Colin and Henry are lying down with me for naps -- and often sleeping with me at night, too! It's wonderful how attentive and loving they are, even if it is a bit maddening. (I get them on either side of me and I'm so blocked in... I can barely move sometimes! Plus they make me so warm it even gives me nightmares. I'm NOT complaining, I'm just sayin'. I'm happy they're both healthy and wanting to be close, so I'd rather have them than not, believe me.)

Today was the Auction work day at the office -- so hopefully things went well. Things were also going to be moved out of the areas were they've been stored in the office -- this is important to me, as I'm taking the lead on some moving that's going on in the office this week, starting with Carol. We need to move her from her current space to the cube that used to be Peter's (next to Kristen).

I also started moving things from Peter's old cube into the cube that used to be Paul's -- which is where Laura will be, starting November 1. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but Laura is officially on Staff full time starting then (November is the start of our fiscal year).

We have a brand new person starting shortly, who will be in the office that I'm helping move Carol out of. I haven't met him, yet, but his name is Chris. I'll need to get everything ready for him, obviously -- including computer equipment and his login and so on.

Speaking of logins, I need to find the time to CHANGE all the passwords at work again -- which takes hours and hours, by the way. Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

Tomorrow should be a busy day at the office -- I'm hopeful my allergies won't kick my butt too bad. Last night I had to sit up for hours and couldn't sleep. I was congested and having trouble breathing again. Medication isn't much help. But I just keep fighting a good fight and pushing along. Right now the earaches are buggin', but that's life!

I'm happy to report that Sister Sue had a good time at her barbecue and cribbage event on Sunday. I'm just glad her car is running again!

At our house, we're reading a book out loud right now -- something we haven't done in ages and really enjoy! Andrew M. Greeley's novel, "The Cardinal Virtues" is such a wonderful book that I wanted to share it with Marilyn -- so I decided this would be fun. (The story of Father Laurence O’Toole McAuliffe and 'New Priest' Father James Stephen Michael Finbar Keenan. One of the best books I've ever read, I think...)

I wonder WHY I haven't heard back from Kris about work this week? Obviously he won't be coming tomorrow. I sure hope he's there with BELLS ON this coming Thursday! (I'll start nagging him tomorrow, believe me...)

I look forward to hearing from Jeff about the Golf Tournament. And we've got lots more rolling up on us very soon. Never a dull moment with the festival, that's for sure.

And that's it for today!

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