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My Butt? Officially Kicked Today... (grin)

My seasonal allergies are really kicking my butt. No, this isn't news, considering it happens to me every year during autumn. And allergies (as we all know) get worse with age, not better.

For those who care, I do a lot of various things to fight this. I'm not at all willing to give in to it by a long shot. One year a doctor (not my current one) gave me a cortisone shot -- and that really helped. But my current doctor is anti-cortisone and won't even hear of doing that. He has lots of suggestions. I've tried, but these don't really seem to cut it.

Basically I'm screwed this time of year. I have a ton of allergy-related health issues and I struggle along. I took the meds I have for my vertigo today, which make me sleepy -- so I spent hours just conked out. I think that helps some, but not as much as I might like. And the sleeping is a downer, obviously, when I have things I want to do.

No. I did not get my hair colored today as I'd hoped. I just didn't feel like doing it.

Yes. I did get the cat boxes cleaned and the garbage and recycling done. I fixed dinner (meatloaf), which was simple. I spent some time making some potential artistic elements for the PSSCA website -- and messed around a little bit with some code.

Oh! I did finish reading the book "Thy Brother's Wife," by Andrew M. Greeley. I feel like maybe I read this years ago, as some of it seemed very familiar. But it must have been decades back (it was written in 1983).

Marilyn brought me home two more Greeley books I ordered (!!!), so it's all good! She wanted to surprise me, so she didn't tell me she was bringing them. (For those who may not recall, we don't have any packages mailed home, because of the stealing that's gone on. So all of these are sent to the office, instead...)

Well, work at the office tomorrow -- hopefully I'll feel better. I was pretty bad on Tuesday, though, and it certainly didn't stop me from getting a TON done (!!!), so no worries.

As I told Marilyn, I've never once NOT been sick for the annual auction, so that's just how it is. It's only a matter of degrees, I guess. (grin) Heck, one year I passed out during the auction, so whatever... And back in the day I spent ages lifting heavy equipment and running around and so on. Actually, this may end up being the easiest year ever for me at the Auction, with no PowerPoint presentation to worry about. So I guess we'll see!

On the GOOD NEWS side, sister Sue's car got fixed today! (woo hoo) That's a very good thing!!!

Good night, all!

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