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Long Work Day...

We worked until around 8:30 p.m. -- and even lunch was a meeting, so it was a very busy day.

Marilyn, Rich and I had lunch with Jason and his dad, Dan -- talking over the dotCal calendar we use at our website. It was a very productive meeting.

Frankly, it was a very productive day! I got a bunch of website stuff done (woo hoo), and a bunch of IT done, as well.

I got sick in the afternoon, including having the runs again. (sigh) My allergies are awful, but I manage to continue working hard, regardless -- so whatever! I never stopped for a second today.

Kris wasn't able to come in. He says he'll make it tomorrow, but I guess we'll see. He'd told me he'd be in Monday (yesterday), which didn't happen -- and we were supposed to meet today, as well. So I guess he'll get in when he gets in. If he doesn't make it tomorrow, I'll just put the copier back the way it was before he installed the two new switches. Neither one is working, so the copier can't see the network. And I've got Angel using another computer for now.

I don't know if I mentioned when Ashley finally became an official full-time and year-round member of our Staff, but I'm excited and thrilled that it happened! And Laura became an official member today -- and again I'm excited and thrilled. I love working with these two women.

Well, it's now past 10:00 p.m. and I'm headed for a much-needed nap. Marilyn's working on a fanfic (go, her!), and Henry (our cat) is complaining at my feet. I think he's ready for that nap, too!

Dave from Trane came in and fixed the issue with the AC. He and I went out on the roof (!!!) and opened the unit. There was ICE all over inside! (I have photos, but have yet to download them.) A belt was broken, so he had to go out and get a replacement.

Anyway, once that was fixed, the temperature started to go down in Marilyn's VERY HOT office. It was down by 3 degrees almost immediately, thankfully!

He found another broken part -- which would keep us from using heat in the building. So that needs to be fixed soon. And another wiring issue that wasn't done to code. So there's more work to do... I just think Dave is the BEST, because he dropped everything to come in and help me out! He's such a nice guy -- and good at what he does.

Nominating took more than FIVE HOURS, but went really well. Marilyn never took a single break the whole time! That's pretty impressive in my book.

Speaking of books, I'm in the middle of several, so maybe I'll read for a bit before I sleep...

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