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Summer. Gotta Love It! (Life, Too...)

Earlier today I was sitting out on the deck in the swing and talking to our cat, April. I was looking around at our lovely yard and enjoying summer, in all its glory...

And I started thinking about life in general. (I've no clue why!)

I think if I'm 'middle-aged' (which has such awful connotations, I'm afraid), that it must mean I'm in the 'summer' of my life -- right?

As I happen to love summer, I'm quite happy to be right here! (smile)

One of my online friends (hello, Becky beckyo!) is turning 51 next Wednesday (August 10). I'll be turning 53 in December. You might not believe it, but I'm enjoying my 50s. (Just like my dad told me I would, by the way.)

Being 50 doesn't make you suddenly feel old. I probably still do many of the things I did when I was a teen or in my 20s. (Or 30s, or 40s, for that matter!) Not long ago Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went out with a gang of friends (yes, mostly younger, I admit) and stayed out until 4 a.m. drinking, partying (in general) and dancing. Great fun.

Marilyn and I? Well, we still wear our hair long and dress in stylish ('young')_clothes. We were makeup and jewelry that's trendy and new. We listen to popular music and rarely miss the top 40 countdown each week. (We can sing along with most of the songs, too.)

What's great about being this age? (No, I'm skipping saying 'older.' LOL.)

We have a nice house that we love, with a big living room and big family room, plus good-sized bedrooms and two bathrooms. (Perfect for two people! Seriously, large for only two people, but we like it that way.) There's a nice kitchen and an office we spend a lot of time in. (We have side-by-side computers that are networked so we can both be online at the same time.)

We have a large and lovely yard. The backyard is fenced (six-foot cedar) and has a really large deck and small, brick patio. There's a small fountain in one corner and potted flowers everywhere, plus several lovely shade trees. Perfect!

We took a trip to Vegas (for Marilyn's 50th bday) back in April and will be going again this August. While there we'll see our beloved Backstreet Boys in concert. (Hurray!)

When we have a movie we love, we pretty much buy it. Right now that means DVDs, but it used to mean loads (and loads) of video tapes. (Yes, hundreds.) We were talking the other day about times when we spent over $50 a pop for various videos, but that's a whole different post. (grin)

Part of being older is the ability to afford to have things you want. And the ability to make life decisions with comfort. Yes, that probably sounds very materialistic, but it's not as bad as you might think. We also have the ability to give generously to the charities of our choice, and to support various interest groups. Annually we purchase state parks passes and 'parking' (user) passes for a local island we enjoy visiting. No, it's not a ton of money, but it adds up when people are able to pay...

I can't even begin to list all the places we support with memberships and donations. Yes, we were generous before, too -- but we had less ability to be as generous as we are now.

Fame and glory aren't a big deal to us. Marilyn's had many opportunities to stand in the limelight and 'shine' (both locally and internationally), but she's actually avoided it. We once ran an international fanclub (not via online, by the way) that was a great deal of work (and expense), but interesting (challenging) and fun. (Our names were familiar to quite a few people at the time, but not because we were out there trying to be seen. We were once Fan Guests of Honor at a fandom Con, which was also an interesting experience...) Yes, Marilyn's been on TV and radio often (and is quite good at doing both). Yes, we're both accomplished public speakers. Those are things we do, but not who we are...

Frankly, as much as we enjoy buying things (we're admitted shopaholics), life isn't about money to us, either. There have been opportunities for more money (sometimes quite a lot) that we've passed on. There really are things money can't buy.

We've been involved in various fandoms for more than three decades -- and YES, we're very proud of that fact! We were there at the beginning of slash fandom and have been into mpreg fandom since early on, too.

We were active players in the early Kirk/Spock days. (smile) We own tons of zines and were published in a few, too...

I'm rambling. Sorry! But sitting and swinging and enjoying the lovely weather just gets my brain working, I guess. I feel so happy these days. Glad to be alive. Productive. Surrounded by friends on and off line -- and friends whom I value.

I love my fandom interactions and love continuing to be so active and happy in fandom.

Life is good.

That's it for now, I guess!

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