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Video Shoot.

Marilyn and I picked up Ross, then drove to Mulino for our early-morning video shoot. Rich met us there, as did Vern (and his wife), at Stacey and John's house.

Ross ended up handling the sound boom, while Rich did the actual video shoot. Marilyn prompted by asking questions and I took numerous still photos of the event. (I don't know how many yet, as I haven't downloaded them yet.)

They brought out two of their horses for the shoot, which was really fun. I'll share photos later...

We got home and decided against driving to the beach. We were tired from the long week.

We had to go pick up poor sister Sue from the hairdresser, as her car broke down. We drove her home (with nice hair!), so she could get ready to go to her granddaughter's wedding in the afternoon.

Later in the day Marilyn and I drove to Sauvie Island and had roasted corn and hot dogs. (yummy) We done that several times this year, and it's been so nice. There were so many people there eating. And they let these cool chickens run around around the picnic tables, so children can chase and play with them and we can all feed them. Plus there a little dog who always 'visits' as well, and many other small birds. (Plus some yellow jackets, I'm afraid -- but what can we expect?)

I had a couple more books at the office yesterday. Yes, Marilyn and I are still having all our mail order packages sent there, to avoid having them stolen here at home. Better safe than sorry, after all. Both were used Andrew M. Greeley books I'd ordered, and I'm already reading both -- along with "The Last Song," which Sue B. gave me during the San Antonio trip back in April. (I think I'm in the middle of five books right now, not counting manuals. I've been reading around six manuals in the last few weeks.)

Henry is sooooooo much better! You can only barely tell he was sick at all! It's a total miracle. Both Marilyn and I were certain he was going to die, he was so ill. What a difference a week makes (well, almost a week).

We're feeling very blessed, even if we did have to get up really early and work half a day on Saturday. (Speaking of, we're working three hours at an event tomorrow, too.)

The weather today? Beautiful! Sunny and hot! It was right around 80° We deserved the lovely day, considering our lousy summer. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but we're getting more nice weather next week, happily.

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