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Internet Explorer 9 -- Won't Work with Windows XP...

So I'm starting to hear some positive (shock) things about the new Internet Explorer 9 browser...

But it won't run on Windows XP.

Internet Explorer 9 - no Windows XP


Then guess what? I won't be able to try the beta, because EVERY computer I use -- from my home desktop to my work desktop (all the computers in our office, by the way) to my laptop are ALL operating with Windows XP.

As usual, Microsoft has disappointed, but you don't need to color me surprised. I'm certainly not. (Hey, why would I have an 'I HATE Microsoft' icon if that wasn't my on-going theme?)

Considering IE8 won't work with our Remote Desktop, I've been adamant about everyone keeping it OFF their computers (work and home). Not too great for people who use Remote Desktop all the time...

Anyway, I'll keep reading the reviews -- even if I can't play with this browser.

By the way, it's a BIG PAIN that Microsoft makes it so difficult to locate a download of Internet Explorer 7 -- for those of us who must use it.

Is it any wonder I'm always looking for IE CLONES to use? Catch a CLUE, Microsoft!

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