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And There's More Done Now...

For dinner tonight? Freshly baked acorn squash (with butter, brown sugar and apple to flavor -- the apple came out after cooking) STUFFED with roast beef hash -- DELICIOUS, if I do say so myself! Easy to do, by the way. Remember to lightly cook the squash in the microwave after washing off. This makes them softer to cut in two, and starts the actual interior cooking. It also seems to make them easier to gut of seeds.

I finished up the rest of the garbage and recycling -- so that's totally done (and was done before darkness, happily).

I forgot to mention previously that I did some festival website work today. I have more that needs doing, but it was a good start!

The first load of dishes is done, so now I need to unload and load up more. The second load is neatly rinsed and stacked in the sink, so it's not nasty having the 'dirty' dishes there right now.

Today was a lovely day. Dry and warm, with blue skies. I went out and gathered up all the cushions off the deck and put them on the picnic table. This is against the house, so it's somewhat protected by the overhang. They were SOAKED by recent pouring rain (!!!), and aren't totally dry yet -- which is why I didn't put them in the garage. We're getting more rain tomorrow, but expecting some lovely weather after that. Marilyn and I plan to put them over the rail of the deck to finish drying out, brush them down and store them away for next year. Sadly, we never really got a chance to use them this year!

I managed not to get sick after dinner -- so far. And I even allowed myself a cup of coffee. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, it's now around 8:00 p.m. and time for our evening nap. That's where I'm headed next!

I've pretty much decided I won't try to go to work tomorrow, in spite of everything I need to do. So I'm planning to be there on Friday, instead.

I almost took a hot bath today for my achy body (plus I have a backache that runs up and down my entire back -- which I'm pretty sure is internal), but I just couldn't find the time. Maybe I'll start my Thursday morning with a long soak! (smile)

I need to work on Friday, so I'll plan for it. I'd love to get some LAUNDRY done tomorrow (!!!), so that's a plan for housework (non-festival work).

Marilyn just called up from the family room that it's time for make-overs on "America's Next Top Model," so I'm off to see!

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