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The More You Do, The More You CAN Do...

On the work front, I'm frustrated that I really (really, really) need to get in the office to do some work there.

On the opposite side of that coin, I figure much of the work I did get done today wouldn't have happened if I'd been in the office -- instead of working from home!

As it was, I got tangled up in tons of IT-related work. Rich's computer not working (even after I had him trade out one computer for yet another), Rosanna's on-going issues with Excel and so on. The first computer upgraded to MS Office 2007 will be Rosanna's, as the Finance Director needs her applications (especially Excel) to be in good working order! (I thought this situation was resolved when we swapped out one computer for another, but apparently not. I find this slightly odd, to tell you the truth. I get how it could be corrupt on one machine, but on a second one, too? I suppose so, but it's still a bit odd...) I eventually want ALL the computers to have MS Office 2007 (about damn time!!!), so I hope that's going to happen A.S.A.P. (I love how 'summer projects' roll over into autumn. No choice when there's so much to do, plus vacation to work in!)

So what did I get done today? Glad you asked! The list is long. Or, as Marilyn always says, the more you do, the more you CAN do. That really does seem to be true, by the way!

I made numerous important phone calls. So many calls that I lost track. Anyway, I spent ages on the phone today, that's for sure.

I wrote a ton of important emails, too. (Yeah, welcome to my sister Marilyn's average day, no lie.) My last count was 30+. (And I'm not talking any one or two sentence, easy-typing emails, either.)

I set a meeting for tomorrow for Marilyn with Mark and Ross about the Auction video (woo hoo), contacted NW Auction Support to discuss their contract (and other details), talked to Kris three times about IT Projects (and getting together at the office). No, I don't remember how many times Rich and I, or Marilyn and I talked. Nor do I recall how many times I talked to Ashley. Lots of times for all three, anyway. I also had a long phone conversation with Rosanna about numerous things that I need to address. (She needs me in the office big bad time, it appears...)

On the home front, I cleaned the cat boxes, took out a bunch of recycling, cut down the big box the vacuum came in and have gather about half of the garbage to take out. (Yes, it's my garbage night.) I did one load of dishes and hope to do a second load.

This morning sister Sue and I went shopping (I forgot several items yesterday, and she kindly took me back). I woke with bad allergies early today and took meds (I coughed myself awake, choking and unable to breathe), which made me sleepy, so getting up was hard again today. Whatever! (The good news was that my blood count was excellent today.) And, yeah, I'm still dealing with my issue from yesterday (!!!), so I'm not all that healthy, as you can see. TMI: After Marilyn heard how many anti-diarrheal pills I took yesterday, she'd said I wouldn't poop for a week. I guess I took a few more than I should have. (grin) As for her prediction, I wish! Today even drinking was setting me off -- so a couple of sips of soda would have me dashing...

I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a bun with meat and cheese for lunch. No coffee today. I had one soda and a couple of bottles of water. I have a backache and I feel a little punk, but not terrible, considering. My energy could be better, but I'm managing to keep up a decent head of steam, regardless. Dwelling on the negative never got anybody anywhere, and I'm determined to keep on keeping on. (There's too much to do not to!) Sister Sue told me twice that I should lie down, but that's not advice I can listen to today...

Good news!!! Henry (our cat) seems better! Last evening he took a nap with me, like he used to -- a good thing. And last night he slept with me! No hiding away in the utility room. He also ate a lot and even drank some water (!!!), so he's much improved. No, he's not 100% by a long shot, but Marilyn and I had been resigned to the fact that he might die, so this seems like a miracle to us! Again, thanks for the good thoughts and prayers! We love you guys and so appreciate everything.

We're not convinced Henry is totally out of the woods. The vet (Dr. Barnes) was worried about a potential condition that would be terminal -- and there's no good test to check for it. We'll hope for the best, of course -- even if we're prepared for the worst.

On that note, back to work! I think we're looking at meatloaf again for dinner tonight. (So easy.) I should have fixed the acorn squash, but I didn't get to it. (I wonder if there's enough time if I do it right now?)

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