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TMI -- Charlie's Tuesday Wasn't Very Healthy...

The focus of my day was our cat Henry -- which is why I stayed home from work today. Yes, I did do festival work from home (as I often do), but Marilyn and I felt I needed to be here with Henry and keep an eye on him.

I'm very glad I did stay home, as I wasn't all that healthy today...

Sister Sue and I went to Starbucks, prior to the two of us going to Freddies to shop. (I needed kitty litter for tomorrow.)

You were warned! This is TMI.

When I got home, I had the runs. (I had hot tea and a scone at Starbucks.) I barely made it to the bathroom.

Later after Marilyn left to go back to work (she came home briefly to see Henry and have a bite of lunch to eat), I ate a bowl of rice -- and then I had the runs repeatedly. Bad.

I took a TON of medication to get it under control. (I'll be lucky if I can go again for days!)

I'll note that I was in a terrible sweat this morning when I woke up -- and then chilled for ages. I put on heavy jeans and a knit top (!!!) to warm up. I felt a little punk, too. I'm still fighting my allergies, and they often make me feel lousy this time of year.

Anyway, I've certainly felt better.

Then around 5:00 I get a phone call from Marilyn, who ALSO has the runs and is on the way home (early for her).

We're thinking we got mild food poisoning from something questionable we both ate last night...

The good news? We both ate dinner (meatloaf) and seem okay. I had a long (long) nap after dinner. The HAPPY part of that was that Henry took the nap with me! That's normal behavior for him, but he hasn't done it the entire time he's been sick -- so we were both delighted!

I just ate more meatloaf and all seems good. (I was starving, in spite of dinner. But little wonder, I suppose.)

Now Marilyn and I are watching a classic episode of "Frasier" -- "RDWRER" (Road Warrior). All is well with the world! (grin)

I did some website work today for the festival, along with some other things. I have more to tackle tomorrow (from home), so it's bedtime soon. Hopefully I'll be in the office on Thursday! Today (Tuesday) was the last day of summer. So summer and vacation are now officially over.

Moving on!

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