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Henry and Colin...

Henry is still pretty bad, but he has been eating a little (very little) and did drink a tiny bit. He's still hiding away and fights his weak way back there if we try to move him...

Colin is pretty unhappy, too, for the record. (Poor boy.) He's been all over us several times, begging attention -- which might be partly for our sake.

We plan to take Henry back to the vet tomorrow for additional treatment.

I'm fighting my usual seasonal allergies -- and not ready to give in to them at all! It's a struggle, but I'm determined not to be seriously ill from it this year.

Marilyn and I have been staying up all night recently, worrying over and carrying for Henry. We're keeping odd hours (odder than our normal hours). We'll have to start trying to do better, as it's back to work on Tuesday.

I'll probably NOT go to work if Henry is still this sick, though. I'll just have to work from home.

We got kitten food, baby food (meat only) and special cat food -- we're trying everything. I take him small amounts of food to where he's 'hiding' every few hours to see if he'll force some food down. We're using only bottled water (not tap water), and Henry seems more willing to drink it than tap water...

We watched "Year One" (with Jack Black) and it was good to laugh. (We've been so sad.) We also got out briefly today with sister Sue. We went to Sauvie Island to get green tomatoes and some other veggies -- and ate roasted corn and hot dogs while there.

And we went shopping to WalMart tonight -- wanting to get all the food for Henry that I mentioned above (and needing other things, too). When we got home I tried out some food on Henry and he ate really well. Of course, you have to picture those really tiny cans -- and him eating about a third. That's all he's up to right now. But it's something, at least.

Anyway, that's my update for Sunday...

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