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Henry Tudor Cat UPDATE

We got the results of the blood and urine tests yesterday, but the vet still doesn't really know what's wrong with him. There are additional tests we can do, but right now we're just waiting to see how he progresses.

He has been eating -- but not enough. He's so skinny!

He also did finally drink (a ton) last night. And he's using the potty box a little. He still hides most of the time, as he's feeling miserable. But he's actually been out a bit today. Right now he's sleeping in one of his tents, which Marilyn and I see as a good sign.

He's still sick and it's hard not knowing what's wrong.

Thanks to all of you who shared your concern about Henry, by the way. I can't tell you how MUCH it means to me! You're such dear friends...

I still need to report on Pinnacle Awards -- and I will get to that! (I need to get the results up at the festival website, too...) There were some especially exciting wins this year that I'm looking forwarding to discussing.

I'm glad Marilyn and I didn't end up deciding to go to Pendleton for the Round-Up this year -- even though it is their Centennial. As much as we'd have loved to go, we'd have had to cancel anyway, as there's NO WAY we'd have left Henry home without both of us as sick as he is.

As far as that goes, we HAD planned to do a couple of overnight trips this week, too -- but, again, we'd never do that with Henry sick. Happily, we don't mind. We love being home anyway, so...

By the way, we got our new vacuum that we ordered last week -- and we're excited to try it out. I think we'll be waiting on that, too -- no point in upsetting the cats any more right now. But we did unpack it and put it together last night. It looks very cool.

We're still taking it easy and relaxing and doing mostly nothing -- which is lovely. We rarely have a chance to enjoy life this way, no matter what time of year it is! It's a surprise how much recharging I've needed this year. Of course, because autumn is already here with a vengeance, which means my seasonal allergies have been bad -- and they often make me tired (among other things). I've spent a lot of vacation SLEEPING (or napping). I can't remember the last time I've slept this much.

But I've also been reading and watching TV and movies and playing Zuma (and other computer games). We had chili late (very) last night -- and just had bowls full again today. Very yummy! So perfect for a blah, rainy day.

Speaking of weather, it's been crappy. Rainy, but humid (!!!). When I go outside for any reason my allergies get yucky, so I'm glad to stay in as much as possible. There are so many signs we could have a bad winter. And summer? What summer? So sad... I need to get the cushions in and the outdoor umbrella sometime soon -- even if we never enjoyed them this year. Oh well -- there's always NEXT summer!

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