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Prayers and Good Thoughts Appreciated.

Our kitty, Henry Tudor Cat, is very sick. We had to rush him to the vet today...

Henry Tudor Cat

Marilyn and I got him in his carrier and took him to the vet, which is happily close by. Ashley was on her way to the house to have Marilyn sign a check, so Marilyn had to phone her and have her meet us there, instead.

They did some (very expensive) tests to try and figure out WHAT the problem is -- we won't get the results until tomorrow afternoon. He's not running a temperature, so that ruled out some things. But it didn't really help to reason out what's wrong.

They gave him liquids and it did make him feel a little bit better. We have him isolated in Marilyn's bedroom with his own cat box and food, which includes some special canned food the vet hopes will get him to eat (his weight was down). He did eat both the canned food and his dry 'treat' food when he got home, which seems like a good sign.

But he hid so well yesterday that we were in a panic to find him. And he's still hiding away today, too.

And poor Colin just doesn't understand! He's very upset. He keeps digging at the door, wanting to be let in. Part of that is probably that I've been staying in the room most of the day with Henry, and he hates being closed out. He's a little freaked about Henry not being normal, so I'm sure that's part of it, too. Both of our kitties are having a 'bad' day...

We both love these wonderful cats more than we can say. We understand we might lose Henry, and we're ready if that happens. But we hope we'll get to have him in our lives for more years to come, God willing. Again, your prayers would mean a lot.

Today has ended up being a very hard today. I'll share about the Pinnacle Awards later, in a different entry. It doesn't seem to fit here...

I'm going to fix some dinner now. Marilyn hasn't had a thing to eat (!!!), and I haven't eaten since the potluck that took place before noon. I think we need some food and some relaxed moments now. It's been a stressful day.

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