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Pinnacle Awards -- Tomorrow!

Okay, I'm almost to the point of begging for awards tomorrow! (heh)

Well, maybe not begging -- it's not like we don't EARN every award we get, because we DO. In fact, we work very hard for those awards!!!

And this year Marilyn and I were there so late for several days running. It was exhausting. And this new PDF thing made them even harder to do. (Like they need to be harder to submit!)

Anyway, the big day is finally here. And we're doing a potluck (which I did not cook for, I'm afraid) tomorrow. Marilyn and I are NOT going in for the entire day, but only for the announcement (and potluck). Then we're leaving again.

It also looks like we're going to actually take the rest of the week off, as originally planned. That would be a good thing in my book. (Seriously, I see no reason to go back for two days now...)

I just chatted briefly with sister Sue, who wants us to phone as soon as we've received word. Maybe I should have invited her to come for the potluck. She did that in 2007 (Centennial year), and really enjoyed it. We had a lot of people join us for the announcement that year...

Marilyn and I talked about going to the beach and staying over tonight, then both rejected it. Frankly, we just wanted to hang around home and do NOTHING (which is pretty much what we did today).

We have done some cleaning during this vacation. And Marilyn has done some writing (good for her). I guess I can't count all my reading in the productive category, as I usually think of it as recreation. But I have done a ton of it recently -- which is a good thing!

I'm headed for a nap now. Marilyn has already gone downstairs planning to nap. I'm excited for tomorrow and pulling for several things to win (especially gold). I'm sure I'll be sharing one way or another tomorrow. (grin)

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