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Firefox: How to Disable Firefox's 'Session Restore Crash Recovery' Feature

Everybody already knows I love Firefox. It's been my browser of choice for years.

I also use Chrome, Deepnet Explorer and Avant -- and Internet Explorer as rarely as possible. Yes, I've played around with many others, as well.

Anyway, there are few things that bug about Firefox for me, but I have to say that the Session Restore Crash Recovery feature is certainly one of these!

I don't know about anyone else, but I find that when Firefox does crash for one reason or another, generally it's tied to a BAD website -- one I've probably encountered during a search. So frankly, I'd prefer NOT to have Firefox automatically try to RESTORE my open tabs when I reopen it after the crash, because it's probably going to just turn around and crash again!

I hunted and hunted in the past to find how you 'turn off' this feature. Of course, the problem was I didn't know what to call the feature when searching on it! For some reason, 'session restore' just didn't jump into my head. (smile) Anyway, during recent freezes and crashes (grr), I saw the screen that told me what the feature is called. That made googling much easier, I have to say! (heh)

I ended up finding the Session Restore page at Mozilla, where they tell you how to turn off the feature. By the way, it's not a simple 'Go to Tools, Go to Options' type of fix, which I admit surprised me.

And, NO, setting the Tools, Options, General, Startup won't cut it. Personally, I have mine set to 'Show a blank page' -- NOT 'Show my windows and tabs from last time.' You'd assume (as I did) that this would mean it WOULDN'T try to open the windows and tabs that had previously been open, right? Wrong.

If you click on the above tab, you'll discover you're required to use the about:config in your 'Location bar' (what I personally call the address or URL area or window). You then click the I'll be careful, I promise! text (!!!) so you can continue to the actual about:config page. (Good GRIEF, Firefox!!!)

Then you hunt for browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash in the long list. When you find it you double-click it to change it to 'false.'

No, that's not terribly hard to do. It's just nothing you could ever reason out on your own -- the usual way I deal with my computer, I guess. (grin)

So, the real question here is: Why am I doing this right now, rather than having a nap?

Good question!

Because Marilyn has the damn Microsoft Security Essentials Alert malware on her computer, and I'm currently running Malwarebytes to remove it. (I already used another software in conjunction with this, having found a reliable site that explained how to do this WITHOUT buying some product...)

How did Marilyn get it? While moderating one of our (damn) Yahoo! Groups. To be entirely honest, I don't go to any of them anymore. I just don't have the patience, considering how slowly Yahoo! Groups work. Plus I've long ago lost interest in these, in favor of communities here at LiveJournal. Still, I feel bad that Marilyn has to now do all the work we used to share -- and that she got this crap while trying to do her moderation thing...

There's just too much crap out there, no doubt about it! This one pretends to be from Microsoft (right) -- and to scare you into running it. When you do, it 'finds' a bunch of crap on your computer -- stuff it put on there in the first place! Then it tries to get you to buy a product for removal. The damn thing will just keep nagging you like mad until you do something. It drives things like Zone Alarm (a free firewall) nuts, by the way. It's designed to get around all of the things you're using to actually protect your computer.

I'd love to be God for a day. (smile) What I'd do to the people who create crap like this would not be pretty, believe me. In fact, I'd have a special hell just for those who SPAM, write viruses and trojans and so on. It makes me smile to daydream about it...

Malwarebytes has been running for an hour and 40 minutes, with no end in sight. (sigh) Damn it, anyway... I'm about ready to throw in the towel for now.

Well, at least there are MANY (many, many) WONDERFUL softwares that are available for FREE to help us take care of our computers! Malwarebytes is certainly one of these! What would we do without them?

And even when I'm finding Firefox annoying from time to time, I still think it's the best browser around, bar none! It's always the first browser I recommend to others.

Speaking of softwares I love, during one of my recent (this evening, I mean) crashes, where I had to reboot my computer, my NoteTab Pro shut down wrong. Normally this is set to open with whatever I recently had open still available to me. And generally speaking, I'll have 20-30+ documents open. When I re-opened NoteTab Pro (the BEST $$$ I've ever spent on any application), it opened fresh -- without any of my customizations, nor any of my open documents. (sigh)

This was a huge pain! I never bother to keep a list of what I have open. Thankfully I have done screencaps of the way I like the toolbar set up, because I had to reset the whole thing.

You know, when this stuff works, it's wonderful. When it doesn't...

Just. Yikes.

I need a nap pretty bad now.

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