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Postponed: The 2010 U.S. Open Men's Tennis Finals

If you follow tennis at all, then you know that the Men's Finals was rained out yesterday at the 2010 U.S. Open. While it was disappointing, it gave Marilyn and me the chance to head to Seaside, Oregon with sister Sue and friend Wayne -- so we picked up Wayne at a local restaurant (Our Daily Bread) and drove down.

Sue knows Wayne from cribbage, and he's become one of her closest friends. She brought him over to get to know us on January 16 of this year. We played Bunco and all had a good time.

During the festival we gave Wayne tickets to the racing event, and since then he's been anxious to get together and see us again. He gave us a card that read: "You kind, caring and giving spirit is wonderful. You bring a lot of joy and happiness to a lot of people. Thank you for all you have done for me and others. All 3 of you are Great." Inside were three Starbucks cards -- one for each of us. (This is a gift we all love to receive.) Wasn't that sweet of him?

We chatted all the way down, talking a lot about food and sharing recipes, among other discussion. When we arrived in Seaside, we headed to The Pig 'N Pancake for dinner (one of our fave places to eat). We all enjoyed the meal, and actually ran into festival-related friends while there!

After dinner, we headed over to play Fascination. Though it was now past 8:00 p.m., they weren't playing Coverall, which is our fave -- there just weren't enough people there on a Sunday night after Labor Day! But happily more people came in and we ended up getting to play a lot of Coverall. I don't remember every win we had, but Sue got red rows (a four-coupon win) TWICE while playing regular (non-Coverall) games -- and that's pretty amazing! She won two times at Coverall, Wayne won twice at Coverall, Marilyn one once at Coverall and I won three times at Coverall. So we came home with lots of coupons -- and a good time was had by all! We were our usual out-going and rowdy selves, making friends with other players.

We got home right around midnight, anyway, having had a great trip -- even though we never got close to the beach! (smile)

In other news, Marilyn has finished up her Twilight fanfic that she's been working on. She did tons of fascinating research -- part of which we discussed during our drive to the beach. She set it in 1918, the year Edward dies -- with interesting details about Chicago and that year in time. It's for the contest community she belongs to, but she's going to expand it (the limit there is a mere 1,000 words) for our own Twilight community. That will be easy, as she had to cut a lot of details to get under the limit. I can't wait until after the contest when I can read the expanded version of her story!

Today we'll be pulling for Rafael (Rafa) Nadal to win the Open -- it should be really exciting!

I'm currently laughing, because I was tagged in two photos (by different people) at Facebook and just got the notification. In one photo I look like I have no neck at all (heh) -- I'm laughing and quite happy. In the other my arm is out as I direct people during the parade, a very serious expression on my face. (Interestingly enough, both photos are from June 12 during the GFP.)

Good thing that I checked when the Pinnacle Awards for IFEA are being announced this week! Jeff told Marilyn it was Thursday, so we were planning to go back to work that day -- calling that the end of our vacation. I just discovered it's on Wednesday (!!!), so we'll be going in for the announcement/potluck (and not the full day). It's always exciting to find out how we've done. We always win a lot of awards, of course. But you never know which categories we'll win in, or whether we'll get Gold, Silver or Bronze. (Last year we won 17 awards. Back in 2007, during our Centennial we won 30!)

I started this entry around noon, and now it's after 1:00. I've had several interruptions, for the record!

The Finals has started, so I need to go watch! More later...

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