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Fanfic Thoughts. (Slash warning, as usual.)

In light of Marilyn's (mistressmarilyn) POST, I got to thinking about fanfic...

Actually, when don't I think about fic? (grin) I don't think a day passes in my life that I don't have at least a passing thought about it.

I've said it many times before and will say it again -- there's something wonderful about having been around for the beginnings (and naming) of slash fandom.

More thoughts...Collapse )

Thanks for getting me to finally post again, Marilyn!

And, no, I haven't finished reading the latest Harry Potter book, but I've started it. Regardless of what Ms. Rowling has done with the characters and/or pairing in this latest book, I'll continue to see slashy goodness -- as I do with everything else in life!

Tags: fandom-reflections, fanfic, fic, slash

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