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Fanfic Thoughts. (Slash warning, as usual.)

In light of Marilyn's (mistressmarilyn) POST, I got to thinking about fanfic...

Actually, when don't I think about fic? (grin) I don't think a day passes in my life that I don't have at least a passing thought about it.

I've said it many times before and will say it again -- there's something wonderful about having been around for the beginnings (and naming) of slash fandom.

Back in those early days, we were seriously undercover with slash fics. I recall reading an online debate once where someone mentioned this fact, and others denied it was true! They acted like the person who had stated it was crazy. But we were there -- and people were frequently paranoid and uneasy about sharing slash, which came in the form of zines at that time.

Marilyn and I had been writing slash for years before we ever encountered others who did the same. In our youth we considered it our 'own little perversion' -- and a perversion we didn't think we'd ever really share with others. (I have to smile when I think of that! It just proves that you'll always be able to find someone else who shares what you think of as your own kinky behaviors.)

These days Marilyn and I are really wrapped up in mpreg fandom/fanfic. I think that partly comes out of the fact that many fans treat these interest in the same way that fans used to treat slash in those early years! Slash fans were constantly having to defend their fandom, just as we now often have to defend our mpreg interest...

Fandom wars were different in those days. It was pretty much a question of slash fans versus non-slash fans (which might be either gen or het fic fans, at the time). Though we were probably the fans who originated the idea of the OTP (so-called 'one true pairing'), we didn't always fight about it. We were going to 'brave new worlds' with James Kirk and Mr. Spock (K/S, which started all this) -- and if some fans wanted to write Kirk/McCoy or Kirk/Spock/McCoy (shock!), then why not?

The early AUs featured Kirk as the handsome young 'slave' of a Vulcan master Spock, by the way. (I can still see Spock with the long hair and unusual genitals in my minds eye, with no need to dash around hunting for the zines that had those pictures.) AU fic seemed quite reasonable when we were already in the sci-fi genre. (smile)

I can remember the huge -- and sometimes flaming -- debates over the Starsky/Hutch pairing. People got very nasty (catty?) about the 'yes' or 'no' of S/H slashiness. Fans who were active participants in the K/S world were known to throw up their hands at the very thought that Starsky and Hutch might share that same closeness. (I remember one fan telling me quite bluntly that the sci-fi futuristic element of "Star Trek" was what made K/S 'real' to her -- and S/H not!)

Marilyn and I really did give non-slash a chance early on. Seriously! But once we realized all the best authors were writing slash, we honestly quit reading most gen fic. The quality fic simply was slash. (And we've got reams of zines to prove it, too! There was some awful gen and het stuff written based on "Star Trek," "Starsky and Hutch," "Star Wars," "Battlestar Galactica" and on and on. Shudder! I cringe to even think of the terrible writing I recall reading...)

Yes, slash was always about subtext, as Marilyn noted. To us, it still is -- in spite of "OZ" and "Queer as Folk" (which we both love to pieces). I guess we'll never quite get over our attitude that gay and bi pairings are simply 'too easy' to slash.

And I'm not trying to beat people over the head with this, but that's not what slash was originally meant to be. We weren't making decisions regarding the sexuality of the characters we slashed -- it was more about the power of love to bring same-gender individuals together.

I've no clue why slash was originally an all-female domain, by the way. I've read tons of the carefully researched papers regarding exactly that and can only say I don't buy a lot of it. But that's another discussion! (grin)

Thanks for getting me to finally post again, Marilyn!

And, no, I haven't finished reading the latest Harry Potter book, but I've started it. Regardless of what Ms. Rowling has done with the characters and/or pairing in this latest book, I'll continue to see slashy goodness -- as I do with everything else in life!

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