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9-11 Means More Than U.S. Open Tennis...

I can't believe it's been eight years since 9-11.

The following YouTube is a commercial aired only ONCE by Budweiser after 9-11. I cried while watching it...

Anyway, life goes on. But it's good to remember. It doesn't make me angry -- it only makes me sad -- but it also makes me hopeful. You know, people can be amazingly GOOD -- and do amazingly heroic and wonderful things. Often the bad brings out great GOOD in us.

And on that note, back to watching U.S. Open Tennis. And Marilyn and I may drive to the beach today, too. The weather is back to being lovely (Indian Summer-like) and we want to get out and enjoy it.

And we're LOVING our new lamp and new rugs! The kitchen has a good start to being more organized (and clean) -- I spent ages moving things and washing the floor last night, prior to putting down the new rugs. Pictures to follow at some point...

Tags: 2010, 9-11, lamp, marilyn, rugs, september-2010, sunny-day, tennis, us-open, vacation, weather

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