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Housecleaning -- A Start...

I rearranged several kitchen cabinets, tossed out some food, emptied out several old bottles and cans for recycling, took out garbage and so on.

I also made another casserole (chicken and rice, sans curry -- flavored with herbs, garlic and so on), and a casserole dish of macaroni and cheese. Marilyn and I ate the chicken and rice casserole with hard rolls (and butter) for dinner.

I did play The Sims for a little bit (I now have nuns living at my Church, too), and I also read a little, as well.

And we watched a lot of U.S. Open Tennis. Marilyn played both Civ and Zuma and she was reading a bunch, too.

I don't usually mention it, but I do try to spend a little bit of each day giving attention to the cats. They are especially needy in autumn (as all cat owners know), so they want a bit more loving and playing. Poor Henry was upset with me at one point. I was ignoring him while cleaning (he was 'helping' quite a bit), and I think his feelings got hurt. He went down to the family room and curled up and slept on Marilyn's sofa in the corner. Colin knocked many things down off the desk in our office (he does that for attention), then I 'painted' his head (something he adores.

Oh! That reminds me that I did spend some time cleaning out and organizing some desk drawers, too. And I cleaned a bunch of things off the desk surface. I need to tackle the bulletin board that hangs over it, as well. The goal is to make it tidy before creating a YouTube video of Colin getting his head painted -- which is so cute! We think cat lovers will eat it up with a spoon...

As for our current vacation weather? It pretty much sucks. The temperature is colder than usual and summer has disappeared. Plus my seasonal allergies -- which are always terrible in autumn -- are already kicking in. I didn't have this happen until October in 2009. (sigh)

Well, that's my day! We're actually planning to go to bed soon (!!!), so I'll close now. We did go to Walmart last night -- and I did the garbage and recycling after we got back. (What's new? Me doing that in the wee hours is so normal...)

I never mentioned that Marilyn and I watched "Remember Me" On Demand -- and it wasn't at all what I'd expected it to be. It's well worth seeing, folks -- very good script and very good acting. I was glad we did. And "Eclipse" is back out in second run, so we're thinking about going to see it tomorrow night! I love vaca!

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