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Memorial Service and More Sims.

Marilyn and I attended the memorial service for a man who used to be on the festival board. His daughter was Junior Queen as a child. Later she was the Court Queen. The service was PACKED with people. This was a man with many friends, and many clients (a successful attorney) -- and he served in numerous volunteer positions, as well. He knew tons of people. Both his daughter and son (a reverend) spoke during the service, which the man clearly helped plan prior to his death.

Sue B. was there and sat with us. Dick was there, too -- and a few other board members. We were pleased that we decided to attend -- it really was the right thing to do.

Afterwards we came home and watched more tennis -- and I played more Sims, too. I've made a fabulous church and rectory, and my little priest really loves to just go and 'view' his altar often (!!!), believe it or not. I need to make a Sims icon to share with my entries about The Sims...

Okay, I've edited this to add my current Sims icon. And I decided to include it INSIDE this entry, as I might change it later on...

Sims Priest

And I wanted to share this photo of my Sims priest during mass... (smile)

Sims mass

Tomorrow we need to run some errands. We want to get a new vacuum cleaner, for one thing. And some new area rugs. And we need some special light bulbs for our outdoor (backyard) lights.

Marilyn made more of her delightful baked beans today. We also had roast beef spread (love it!!!) sandwiches, on yummy rye bread. Hard to beat! I'm going to make another casserole tomorrow, and some macaroni and cheese, too. The weather is TOTALLY autumn-like here -- so we're ready for autumn foods...

Vacation is lovely, by the way. We've got another week to enjoy.

Later we're going down to the office to pick up some books. We might also go to Walmart. Then I need to come back and do the garbage and recycling...

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