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The Sims

Well, talk about a flashback to the 'good old days.' (smile)

I've been playing with The Sims -- which I can't link to, as Electronic Arts, Inc. doesn't even have a portion of their site that's relegated to the original Sims (1), rather than 2 and 3... (What a shame!)

Okay, I get that everyone else has upgraded. Actually, I think there might be a lot of people still playing with the 'old' (I prefer original) version -- as (HAPPILY) there are certainly plenty of websites still around dedicated to it!

I have tons of downloads I still play with -- special heads and objects that I've loved forever. And I even downloaded some new things to play with...

I wish I still had all the things I ever downloaded. Over the years -- and with many computer crashes -- I managed to lose some things (!!!). But luckily I have most of the things I truly love.

Anyway! I'm digressing a bit...

It's just FUN to do NOTHING at all but sit and play. Make new families, make new houses and make new relationships.

Vacation is about goofing off and relaxing -- and I've been doing exactly that today. (And not a lick of work.)

I did clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher and put dishes away and fix some food (bacon and eggs). But that's it. And now I'm thinking about lying down with a book to read and snooze. Sounds PERFECT to me!

And maybe I'll play more Sims later. Sounds like a plan!

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