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The Admin Worries of an Annoyed Moderator... (sigh)

Some of you are members at one or more of Kevin's kevinr PSP communities where I'm an assistant moderator.

Yesterday we had to ban three members for sharing illegal software. The posts only went to psp8_fun and psp7_beginners, so I didn't bother posting concerning it to the third (very new) community, psp9_fun.

Silly me!

So guess what I discover today?

You got it.

It looks like at least two more members will have to be banned. (sigh) Well, at least I posted an ADMIN regarding it. That should be good through the rest of today, at least. (grin)

I wish there was some WAY to get members to READ the user info pages, but I can't figure how to do that. No different than trying to get Yahoo! group members to read the emails we send out about the lists we moderate, when you come right down to it! LOL.

Anyway, I hate removing members and hate banning. I hope Kevin replies and takes the burden off me. He's pretty much left it up to me and a couple others (you know who you are!) to manage things. But he gets 'riled' (as he'd say) a ton when people start doing things illegal at the communities, understandably. (sigh)

Okay, we're going out tonight (!!!), so I need to dash.

Have a lovely weekend, all!

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