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Andy Roddick is an ASSHOLE. Period.

Many of you probably don't know who Andy Roddick is, unless you follow tennis. And today I'm sorry that I was EVER a fan of this man. (Note the icon, because I'm probably deleting it -- and will never have a Roddick icon again, believe me.)

If you're not a friend of my sister Marilyn and didn't read her entry from yesterday, you might want to read THIS.

Anyone can feel angry with the linespeople, sure. And linespeople can make mistakes, like anyone else. But guess what, Roddick? The linesperson yesterday was CORRECT. You had a footfault. Which foot doesn't matter -- so quit trying to denigrate this woman.

During his match yesterday, Roddick made a footfault. The lineswoman called it. He blew up at her and questioned her and she said the wrong foot and he got nasty. Very nasty. In the after-match press conference he was nasty again.

Of course, this isn't entirely his fault alone. The umpire should have sanctioned him and made it clear that behaving like a child wasn't acceptable behavior. This adult man needed his peepee SLAPPED HARD. He's clearly NEVER going to get it that he was WRONG. And that this woman -- who was only doing her job -- shouldn't be treated like she wasn't doing it properly.

This woman is not incompetent just because she couldn't tell Roddick which foot. Nor does she deserve to be debased by him on the court -- or in a press conference.

I am so done with Andy Roddick. I honestly hope I never see this man play tennis again. In fact, I hope I never see his face again.

Yeah, I get it. He's so 'important' -- and a mere linesperson is nobody. Hey, Roddick? You don't play all that well right now. So maybe that makes YOU a nobody, too...

I know I'm ranting, but after seeing the pess conference I pretty much couldn't help myself. I could eventually forgive him for going off on court while angry -- if he'd apologized afterward (like a grownup and sane person). But this? Nope. He clearly thinks what he did was okay. Guess what, asshole? You were in the WRONG. You owe that poor woman an apology. You owe US -- those who watch you -- an apology.

Grow the hell up, while we're at it. Your behavior was never 'cute' in my book -- and it's just disgusting years later. You're so immature that it isn't worth saying any more.

I'm even sorry I have a 'roddick' tag here. I might dump that, too...

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