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I Feel Pretty... (Or Something...)

Apparently I neglected to mention that I did, indeed, color my hair.

Today Marilyn and I went to get pedicures -- and I also got a manicure. (And I had some essential waxing done, too.)

Then I also got a quick hair cut. (My last hair cut was September 30, 2009, believe it or not!)

So the necessary 'pretty' stuff is happily done for now. It may not seem like it, but it's an accomplishment to get it out of the way.

I did both my pedicure and manicure very PLAIN this time out. My manicure is clear (no pretty tips) -- the way Marilyn usually does hers. And my pedicure is a very neutral color. (I should probably take photos of both and share...)




We went shopping at Freddies briefly on the way home. I needed liners for the cat's boxes (it garbage night) and a few other minor things we weren't able to get at Walmart last night.

By the way, IT POURED DOWN RAIN while we were shopping! We got soaked. It was like a bad flashback to last June and the festival. (sigh)

When we got home, I made a curry chicken and rice casserole. No, there's no actual recipe. As a cook, I tend to toss in ingredients. I don't pre-cook the rice. I use a casserole dish, pour in dry rice (around four cups), add a couple of cups of chicken stock, throw in a lot of pre-cooked chicken (white meat only). I use canned sliced carrots, which I dice up a bit. The cheese for this pepper jack. Then I season with curry powder and black pepper. I cook it at 350 (after pre-heating) for around half an hour. Simple as pie and yummy as can be.

You know, this deserves photos, too. (grin)




Well, it's now time to watch more U.S. Open Tennis and SNOOZE! (And it's decidedly nap time -- we've earned the rest...)

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