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LiveJournal DRAMA: The News About Facebook and Twitter

Hey, LiveJournal???

Great way to end August!

For those of you who don't know, the latest at news is Facebook and Twitter Connect, Pingbacks.

You'll have noticed by now that every entry -- AND EVERY COMMENT -- has an option to select and crosspost to either Facebook or Twitter (or BOTH), simply by putting a check next to one (or both). What you may not know is that this will work even if the original entry is LOCKED by the person posting it (such as Friends Only or to a Custom Filter Group).

Yes. If you've posted a Friends Only entry and one of your friends comments -- and selects Facebook and/or Twitter -- then suddenly things aren't private anymore!

I went over and read some of the 3,000 plus comments -- and added my personal outrage to the mix. (grin) LiveJournal should be able to actually catch a clue (maybe), considering I didn't see one positive comment about this situation!

What I don't understand? When the hell is LiveJournal going to get it that we want an opt-out option for things like this???

I suspect the turn around on this one will be swift...

Forgive me for laughing my head off over and over again about this current drama. I just can't help myself!

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