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New Game for Vacation - And Tennis, Anyone?

As we often do (smile), Marilyn and I got a new Spintop game for vacation! It's the Mystery P.I. -- Stolen in San Francisco.

We're huge fans of the Mystery P.I. series of HOGs (Hidden Object Games), and have played many of them.

And U.S. Open Tennis started today, so we've been watching a lot of TENNIS since first thing this morning! I especially enjoyed seeing Roger Federer play...

I did do a tiny bit of work, too -- mostly dealing with some important emails that needed attention. No big deal.

And I've been READING like crazy. I'm currently reading Andrew M. Greeley's "The Priestly Sins" -- which is fascinating (and his usual great writing). I'm also reading "What Catholics Really Believe" (nicely done -- the author is impressive). Among slews of other books, as usual... (I'm just too lazy to ever list them all... grin...)

We've been talking about getting a pizza, but so far we haven't. (And it's now after 10:00 p.m., so I doubt we will this late.)

It was a cooler day and there was some rain, but who cares? We didn't budge out the door all day long.

We still need to go and get manicures and pedicures -- and I need to color my hair, too. Marilyn is washing her hair as I type this... (She got it done on Saturday.)

Today is our cat Colin's 'birthday' (woo hoo). Actually, it's the day we originally adopted him. (I use adoption dates as the cats' bdays at Facebook.) We celebrated Henry's bday, so we've been doing the same for Colin. Can I just say it makes me REALLY HAPPY when people take the time to wish him a Happy Birthday at Facebook? And why not? (Some people are really WEIRD about it, though. I don't get that, but whatever!)

And that was our first day of vacation! (We love vaca.)

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