CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

With No Intention to Offend -- Regarding Fanfic SEX! Color Me Amused.

Okay, did anyone know there's a community here at LJ specifically about writing fanfic sex scenes?

Maybe I shouldn't find that so amusing, but I have to admit I do...

Yes, I can certainly see the need! I've read plenty of bad slash sex scenes in my days! (shudder) In fact, I've read plenty of bad het sex scenes, too!

I guess a lot of it does come down to that old adage about writing what you know. I think it's especially difficult for many virgins (of either gender) to try and write sex scenes, because let's face it -- if you've never been there, you don't really get the interesting MIX that's involved in sexual interactions...

Women, especially, tend to think sex will be 'hearts and flowers.' And sometimes it can be, of course. Most times there's a lovely mix that includes humor as a big part of the fun! (Let's face it, being naked and doing... er... 'unusual' things together can be easier if you're willing to laugh. Or at least giggle!)

Recently Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been discussing the difference (yet again) about the ways men and women write slash, for example. And a lot of it is about how men and women write slash sex, frankly.

We've got a decided advantage, I have to admit, based on various friendships we've had forever with people who identify as gay and bisexual. Aside from experience. LOL. Or, as many of my male slash writing friends are always saying, it's not that difficult for a women to understand what a man feels when another man takes him -- if you follow me! Marilyn and I are delighted that we've had both men and women tell us we write sex scenes very realistically, but we knew that before being told, in all honesty... (I imagine that sounds like bragging, but I'm not trying to. It's just another case where we've both done our research!)

Men write very gritty sex, I think. (In most cases.)

Case in point would be our new online friend, Jimbo just_jimbo. A good example would be his fanfic "S.C.A.T.. (It's quite graphic, so not for the fainted-hearted reader. Consider yourself warned!) He writes what he knows -- and writes it so incredibly well.

Even when Jimbo isn't all that detailed about sex, his writing still has an edge that's very enjoyable to read. He just posted his fic, "I Want Your Ass" (find it here) around at LJ, and it's a perfect example of what I mean. He can do incredible things with a 500 word drabble. Truly.

I also recently read a very good fanfic at our Colin Farrell Slash list at Yahoo! groups. (Located here.) In fact, the fic in question won our recent Colin Birthday Contest (and a "Tigerland" DVD). The author of "Lovely Mouth" -- Happy -- didn't try to write a detailed sex scene. She basically alluded to the sex -- and did a 'fade out' prior to the bedroom scene.

My point? What Happy did is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with slash sex! (Or any fic sex, for that matter.) Smart girl. (No wonder she won!)

Took a break and lost my train of thought... (sigh) I'd hate to admit how many times this has happened to me! In fact, my next post will be about that very thing...

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